UPDATE : Telegram 8.0 Update Allows Unlimited Viewers to Watch Livestream & More

Telegram has announce a update that will remove the cap off the number of viewers that can watch a livestream. The Telegram app has also improve the way of messages are forward between chats along with a feature that suggests trending stickers to users.

Telegram will also show if a user is choosing a sticker during a chat.

Users will also be getting new animate stickers.

Telegram has reportedly ended support for its app on Wear OS as it is no longer available to download from the Google Play store on Wear OS.

The Telegram has released its latest major update Telegram 8.0 which brings the ability to have an unlimited audience for a livestream.

Hosts can now entertain an endless number of participants when they start a livestream in a Channel or a Group Video Call.

The audience also has the ability to raise their hand and can join the broadcast if the host approves.

Telegram has also improve the way users can forward messages between chats.

Users will now be able to preview the messages they forward in a special window which showing how the messages will look before they’re sent.

The Users will also get many customisation options where they can hide the original sender’s name, hide captions, deselect messages they don’t want to send, or change the recipient if they wish to.

Users have the ability to endlessly scroll through multiple Channels without having to exit one if the content in it has finished.

Users can swipe up to skip to the next Channel automatically at the bottom of the Channel.

Telegram follows the order in which users have archived or grouped various Channels.

There is a new feature in the Stickers menu on Telegram as well.

Telegram will now show a Trending Stickers panel above the Recently Used panel.

Telegram on Android will also get larger previews for sticker suggestions with the update.

Top of the chat window will show if a user you are chatting with is selecting a sticker by showing choosing a sticker status where it shows typing… or recording a voice message.

Channels will also get a new feature that will show how many comments are left unread in the chat.

Telegram has receive yet another new set of animated emojis with the update.

Telegram’s Wear OS app has disappear from the Google Play store Wear OS.


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