UPDATE : Twitter Rolls Out New Advertising Features | Give new and improved form Algorithm Ahead of E-Commerce Push

Twitter roll out new advertisement features and give new and improved form of algorithm that decides which advertisements users see as part of an effort to lay the groundwork to launch future e-commerce features.

The features come as Twitter is pushing to grow its performance advertising business, a strategy that aims to quickly generate sales, and constituted just 15% of Twitter’s business last year.

The effort could help Twitter reach its goal of doubling annual revenue by 2023.

Twitter is eventually allow brands to sell products through the service by first improving on its ability to show users relevant advertisements and increasing the likelihood they will click the advertisement.

Advertisements promoting downloads for mobile games and other apps which are a major type of advertisement on social media sites and now allow users to initiate the download without leaving the Twitter app.

As users had to leave Twitter to download other apps.

Twitter adds it is working on new tools to let companies run advertisements to find customers who are more likely to make in-app purchases.

Slide-show advertisements that feature multiple products can now send users to different websites when they click the advertisement as previously brands could only choose one destination.

Resultant increase the number of clicks by 25% on advertisement campaigns that set a goal of driving website visits.

Twitter also improve the advertising algorithm as showing the advertisements to a larger pool of people at the beginning of the campaign so it can better gauge user interest.

All these algorithm improvements led to a 36% increase in advertisement campaigns that achieve at least five downloads during the time period that the advertisement ran on Twitter.


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