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      UPDATE : YouTube’s Full Screen Video Player Has A New Interface

      YouTube is rolling out a new interface for its Android and iOS mobile apps full screen player. The new interface makes it easier for users to Like, Dislike, Comment on a vide, and share it.

      The new interface brings buttons for all these controls right on the video and users don’t need to swipe up or close the full-screen window to share, like, dislike a video, and do many more things with it.

      All new change only shows up when users are watching a video in full screen.

      There is no change or update to the overall YouTube app on either Android or iOS.

      This new update also makes it easier for users to see the comments section alongside the video while in landscape mode.

      Before the update, you need to tap on the comments section to access comments or minimise the video to open it up.

      You can switch to full-screen mode and pull them up by tapping the comment button.

      New YouTube UI has already start rolling out to both Android and iOS users.

      YouTube recently launch annual plans for YouTube Premium and YouTube Music subscribers.

      These plans will allow users to pay for their YouTube subscription in a 12 month non-recurring subscription at once.

      The new plans were only launch in few countries including India and the United States, and YouTube is currently offering a discount for the annual plans.

      You can opt for the annual plans at a discount rate until 23rd January 2022.

      This offer brings the annual plan for YouTube Premium at Rs 1,159 and the annual plan for just YouTube Music Premium costs Rs 889.

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