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      Vivo is Bringing an Interesting Virtual RAM concept to Smartphones.


      Vivo is bringing an interesting concept to smartphones with its new line-up.

      It has confirmed that all smartphones will have Virtual RAM a concept borrowed from PCs.

      The entire Vivo X60 series which will include three models Vivo X60, Vivo X60 Pro and Vivi X60 Pro+ will run on Virtual RAM a concept.

      Also it has confirm that all three devices will be power by Qualcomm Snapdragon 8-series processors.

      How Virtual RAM Concept works?

      If the smartphone demands, it can borrow additional space from storage and allot it to RAM so as to ensure a seamless performance.

      Vivo is calling it enhanced memory management technology.

      It means the smartphone will borrow some storage space and use it for RAM functions.

      Vivo says that its smartphones uses algorithms to achieve a “+3GB” RAM effect.

      Its means that the 8GB RAM variant of the phone actually ends up providing 11GB of RAM while the 12GB RAM variant will end up giving 15GB RAM experience.

      The feature is said to come in handy when there are multiple apps are running on background.

      Resultant It will also cut down the lags.

      Vivo India Said :

      “Vivo has independently developed a brand new memory management technology.

      Instead of distributing small amounts of memory data, it uses processes as a unit to accurately identify processes which are of low importance and do not affect the user experience among those occupying a large amount of memory, and exchange these processes with external storage space, so as to greatly reduce the running memory occupied by a single app,”

      The original DDR storage space of a fixed capacity can support the running of more apps.

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      When you compared with the traditional memory management technology the memory usage efficiency has increased by 37 percent.


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