Wearing mask to remain mandatory till 2022 : Dr VK Paul NITI Aayog

COVID-19 virus is not finish anytime soon and so all have to wear a mask. Member of NITI Aayog Dr VK Paul said in an interview with a media that wearing masks will continue even till 2022. 

Dr VK Paul said that the battle against COVID-19 will require a many study combination of vaccines, effective drugs, and disciplined social behaviour.

Disciplined social behaviour refers to COVID-19 appropriate behaviour which includes wearing masks, washing hands, using sanitisers, practising social distancing and getting inoculate. 

Dr Paul Said in the interview :

“Wearing the mask will not go away for some time. We will continue to wear the mask even through the next year,”

Wearing masks is consider one of the most effective ways to guard against this coronavirus.

Dr VK Paul hope that in the future COVID-19 medicines would be develop to stop the pandemic and over the course of time the medicines would be as effective as the vaccines that are presently use for inoculation.

Emphasis the fact that a third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic could not be rule out with several festivals around the corner.

Dr VK Paul caution that this was a crucial period and needed proper precautions.

Dr Paul Said :

“We need to protect ourselves and avoid the outbreak. To me that is possible if we are all together in this show,”.

Dr Paul also express confidence that the World Health Organisation (WHO) would approve the Bharat Biotech manufactured anti-COVID-19 vaccine Covaxin before this month-end.


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