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What does Your Country Name Really Mean | India | Portugal | Sweden | France | Germany | Cuba | Jamaica | Mexico | Trinidad and Tobago | Argentina | Brazil | Venezuela | Papua New Guinea | Kenya | Nigeria | Canada | Japan | Malaysia | England | Saudi Arabia | Thailand | Australia | Italy | Egypt | Morocco | Indonesia | Bangladesh | Ethiopia | Greece | Pakistan | 2YODOINDIA

What does Your Country Name Really Mean


Keeping in mind the Latinate “Ia,” the name “India” refers to “Land of the River Indus.”

The word “Indus” most likely refers to the Sanskrit “sindhu,” meaning “the sea.”


Portugal name is derive from the Latin phrase for “warm port,” which referr to the city of Porto, specifically how its harbor was never frozen over.


Sweden means “Land of the Svear.

The Svear were a Germanic people who lived around Lake Mälaren.


France is name after the “Franks,” a Germanic people who were name after the Old German “franka,” meaning “fierce” or “brave.”


Germany means “Germani” referred to the Germanic tribes who were settling in around the river Rhine.

Deutschland” refers to the Old High German “diutisc,” which means “of the people.”

Germany basically translates to “Land of the People.”


As Cuba take its name from the Taino word “Cubanacan“.

Cuba means “center place.”


Jamaica’s name comes from the Arawak people who named it “Xaymaca” or “Yamaya,” meaning “Land of Wood and Water.”

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Mexico name is a simplified version of the name Metztlixihtlico, which means “In the Navel of the Moon.”

Trinidad and Tobago

Christopher Columbus named the island country in the 15th century.

Trinidad and Tobago mean “Island of the Holy Trinity and Tobacco.”


Argentina was originally call “Tierra Argentina“. w

Which translates to “Land beside the Silvery River.” The “Silvery River” refers to the Rio de la Plata, and “Argentina” translates to “Silvery.”


The country is most likely name after “brazilwood,” a red wood from an East Indian tree, which is used to make dye.


Venezuela reminded Spanish colonizers of Venice, so they named it “Little Venice.”

Papua New Guinea

Papua” can be trace back to the Malay “papuah,”

A descriptor of the naturally frizzy hair of Melanesians.

New Guinea” came from explorers as the locals reminded them of Guineans from Africa.


Kenya is a shortened name for “Kirinyaga,”

A Kikuyu word which comes from the Swahili “kere nyaga,”

Which apparently means “Mountain of Whiteness.”


Nigeria means “Land of the Niger River.”


Canada is derive from the word “kanata,” a Huron-Iroquois word meaning “village” or “settlement.”


The English word for Japan actually comes from the Chinese name for the country, “Cipangu.”

Japan name apparently means “Land of the Rising Sun.”

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Malaysia’s name perhaps comes from the Tamil words “malali” and “ur,” meaning “mountain” and “city.” Together: mountain city.


England means “land of the angles,” referring to the Old English “Engla land.”

Saudi Arabia

The word “Saudi” refers to the Sa’ūd ibn Muhammad ibn Muqrin dynasty.

The word actually means “good fortune,” making the country’s literal translation, “Land of Good Fortune.”


Thai” means “Free,” which makes Thailand’s translation “Land of the Free.”


It was the Greeks who came up with the name “Terra Australis Incognita,”

Which means “Unknown Southern Land.”

Australia translates to mean “Southern Land.


Italy name has been link to the Latin word “vitulus,” which translates to “calf.”

The word “Italy” can be translate to “Sons of the Bull.”


The Greeks and Romans named the country “Aiguptos“.

The Romans named the country “Ægyptus,”.

Both are link to the Egyptian “hūt-kā-ptah,” meaning “Temple of the Soul of Ptah.”


Morocco’s name comes from the Arabic “Maghrib-al-Aqsa,” meaning “Extreme West.”


Indonesia name derived from the Greek “Indos Nesos,” which translates to mean “Indian Islands.”


Bangladesh means “Land of the Bengalis.

Desh” can be trace back to “deś,” meaning “land” or “country,”

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Bengali people take their name from Chief Banga, of the Bang tribe.


Ethiopia was the Greeks who named this country “Aithiops,” meaning “Land of Burnt Faces.”


Greece’s name literally translates to “Land of the Ionians.”


Pakistan means :

  • Punjab, 
  • Afghan Frontier, 
  • Kashmir,
  • Baluchistan.

It could also come from the Iranian “pak,” meaning “pure,” so Pakistan could mean “pure country.”


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