What is Koo Yellow Tick | How To Apply For Koo Yellow Tick | Details Inside

New Micro-blogging platform Koo has share ‘Eminence Criteria’ to gain the verified tag of “The Yellow Tick” in the public domain. The Koo Yellow Tick called Eminence recognizes which shows distinction in the society and promotes well-regarded personalities.

Aprameya Radhakrishna, Co-founder and CEO, Koo, Said :

“The Koo Eminence Tick is a recognition that the user is a significant representative of the voices of India and Indians. We have formulate the process keeping India’s local realities and are committ to ensuring transparency to maintain a user-base that is verified and acts responsibly while interacting online,”.

What is Koo Yellow Tick?

A Yellow Tick on Koo recognizes a user’s eminence, stature, achievements, abilities and professional standing in Indian life.

Koo Yellow Tick implies that the user is well-regard in the Indian framework be in an artist, scholar, sportsperson, politician, businessperson or any other field.

How To Apply For Koo Yellow Tick?

  • Koo welcomes all those on the platform to apply for Eminence Yellow Tick.
  • Requests for Eminence are evaluate base on internal research, third-party public resources and in the Indian context.
  • Eminence criteria are review by a special team at Koo in March, June, September and December each year.
  • The Eminence Yellow tick has been confirm for approximately one percent of requests receive and these eminent voices are given prominence in their respective language communities.
  • This points to the rigour and importance Koo lays on ensuring that Eminence is not misuse or granted at will.
  • Users may apply for Yellow Tick Eminence recognition from within the Koo App or by writing to [email protected]
  • An evaluation response will be provided within 10 working days.
  • In some cases responses may be delay in order for the criteria to be meet.
  • You can check the detailed criteria for Koo Eminence at Koo website.

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