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      What is the Flag Code of India | How to Dispose of Tricolour Properly

      The National Flag fills the heart with immense pride and honour for the country. The importance of the flag has supreme way before India was an independent nation. In the following years, this sanctity is guard with a set of rules and regulations draft under the Flag Code of India 2002.

      As India celebrates 75th year of Independence.

      What is the Flag Code of India?

      The Flag Code of India brings the laws, practices, conventions, and instructions associate with the flag under one title.

      It acts as a governing tool that keeps a check on the ways to make, hoist, and dispose of the flag.

      The Flag Code of India is divide into three parts.

      Part one of the code contains a general description of the flag.

      The second part contains the ways of displaying the national flag by the public, private, and educational institutions.

      The third part about the hoisting of the flag by central and state governments and their associate agencies.

      Description of Tricolour

      Description of the National Flag lays out standard dimensions of the flag.

      It mentions that the flag must be rectangular in shape with a height-width ratio of 3:2.

      The description also talks about the material that shall be use to produce the Indian flag.

      As per an amendment 20th December, 2021, the government allow the use of polyester or machine-made flags.

      Other materials include cotton, silk, and khadi.

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      Hoisting and Disposing of Tricolour

      Many things need to be kept in mind when it comes to hoisting the National Flag.

      • The code directs to prevent the flag from touching the ground or the floor.
      • The code also prohibits hoisting a damage or dishevelle flag.
      • According to the Flag Code, the National Flag should not be use as a portion of costume, uniform, or accessory.
      • Disposing of the flag needs to be done in private and dignity.

      Dispose of Tricolour

      Many individuals are unaware of the code that has establish for the correct disposal of the Indian national flag.

      The national flag should always be dispose of with dignity because it is a sign of pride.

      The national flag must be completely destroy in private when it is damage.

      With respect to its dignity, it should either be burn or interred.

      The LMC is extremely concern about the rising number of synthetic and plastic flags that are not biodegradable.

      This time only fabric flags have distribute, and since they may be kept for a longer period of time, it is hope that they won’t be thrown away.

      The LMC shall dispose of flags in accordance with the national flag code.

      Many flags are abandone by citizens each year, and the LMC sanitation team in charge of keeping the city clean was unaware of how to segregate the national flag.

      How to Dispose of Tricolour Properly?

      • All damage flags should be gather, fold, and put in a wooden box before being buried.
      • After the flags are buried, the box is to be buried in the ground, and a moment of quiet is to be observed.
      • Choosing and cleaning a safe location is require for the second alternative (burning).
      • Fold the flags that have damage.
      • They must be properly position in the centre of the flames after starting a fire.
      • It is illegal to burn a flag without folding it or to light it before setting it ablaze.
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