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      What to do Remotely when your Andriod Smartphone Lost or Misplaced?


      Google  and Apple introduced system tools like Find My on mobile operating systems, so as to prevent Lost or Misplaced of smartphones.

      Today we will tell you how to prevent losing your Android smartphones and erase all data.

      We have already written a article for What to do Remotely when your iPhone Lost or Misplaced.

      You can read that article if you are a iPhone user, Click Here.

      How to Find Lost or Misplaced Android Smartphone?

      These Requirements Should meet before start a Process :
      • You must need to be signed in with a Google account.
      • You should be visible on the Google Play Store.
      • You should have location settings turned on,
      • Find My Device setting also turned on.
      Now Follow These Steps :
      • Go to and sign into Google account.
      • You will see phone on the top left corner of the screen.
      • If you have other phones with the same account,
      • Choose the one that has Lost or Misplaced.
      • It will show details like battery life, active Wi-Fi connection and many more.
      • Google will also shows approximate location of the smartphone on the map.
      • You can also see the last known location,
      • If the phone can’t be found at that moment.
      • There is an option for users to play a beeping sound for five minutes so as you can look for handset.
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      If the phone is located in an unknown area then do not try to recover Android phones youeself then call police.

      You will also find a Secure Device feature which will remotely lock your phone and sign you out of your all Google accounts.

      One more feature is also there to display a message and phone number on the lock screen so as if anyone find your phone can contact you and returns back after contacting you.

      How to Erase All Data on Lost Android Smartphone?

      Follow These Steps :
      • You need to select the Erase Device option.
      • Note this action will permanently deletes all data on your phone.
      • Also Find My Device won’t work on a smartphone after all the data is deleted.
      • If the smartphone is offline erasing process will begin as soon as it comes online next time.


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