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      What to do Remotely when your iPhone Lost or Misplaced?


      If you lost your iPhone and you also don’t know how to find it as well as erase its data before it id used by someone else.

      Apple’s Find My iPhone feature help you when your iPhone is missing.

      It allows you to view the location of your lost iPhone, play a sound.

      You can mark the iPhone as lost so as you can remotely lock.

      First you need to activate Find My on your iPhone.

      How to Activate Find My iPhone option ?

      1. Open Settings.
      2. Go to Apple ID menu.
      3. Click on Find My.
      4. Click on Find My iPhone.
      5. Go to options for Find My iPhone, Find My network.
      6. Send Last Location.

      Now you are all set to find your iPhone in case it goes missing.

      How to See lost iPhone on a Map ?

      1. Sign in using your Apple ID and password on browser.
      2. It will automatically start locating your iPhone.
      3. The location of your iPhone will appear in a map on the screen.

      How to Start a Sound on your lost iPhone ?

      1. After following above steps you’ll be able to see an All Devices at the map.
      2. Click on it.
      3. From menu select your lost iPhone model.
      4. A floating box will appear on the right corner of the screen.
      5. This will show a details of your iPhone like photo, phone name, remaining battery and other options.
      6. Click on Play Sound.
      7. This will make your iPhone vibrate and beeping sound whether your phone being on silent mode or not.
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      This feature help you when you misplace your iPhone in a nearby location or you not able to see where you have kept your iPhone.

      After finding your phone you’ll need to unlock your phone to stop the beeping sound.

      How to Mark your iPhone as lost ?

      1. Click on the Lost Mode button.
      2. iPhone asked to enter an optional phone number where you can be reach.
      3. Entered number will be shown on your lost iPhone.
      4. Also enter a custom message that will show on your iPhone.
      5. Click on Done.

      How to Erase all Data on your lost iPhone ?

      1. Click on the Erase iPhone option.
      2. You will ask a message for your confirmation.
      3. Doing this will remove all the content and settings from your iPhone.
      4. Note that erased iPhone can’t be tracked or located.
      5. Click on Erase.

      Hope this article will help you to all the realated problems of iPhone lost.


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