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      What Will Happen To Your Facebook Account After Death | Answer Inside

      Social media that has grip everyone regardless of age. A question might have thought is what would happen to their social media profiles like Facebook. The platform offers options to address the fate of the users’ accounts.

      The first choice is complete deletion upon death, eradicating all traces of the individual on the platform.

      Facebook’s dedicated page on this matter mention :

      “You can choose to have your account permanently deleted should you pass away. This means that when someone lets us know that you’ve passed away, all of your messages, photos, posts, comments, reactions, and info will be immediately and permanently removed from Facebook. Your main profile and any additional Facebook profiles will also be deleted.”

      Or, users can opt for a “memorialised profile,” transforming their page into a tribute that will be manage by a designated “legacy contact.

      As per Facebook :

      “Memorialised profiles are a place for friends and family to gather and share memories after a person has passed away.”

      The word “remembering” will be added to the profile, allowing friends to share their own memories (subject to privacy settings), and the content share on the memorialise profile will be visible only to the intended audience.

      Importantly, no one can log into the profile, and it will not appear in suggestions for “people you may know.

      If no legacy contact has appointed, the memorial page cannot be alter.

      Facebook advises friends and family to consider creating a group as an alternative space for sharing memories.

      Similar options for memorialise pages and account deletion exist on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, with specific details available in their respective settings.

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      Facebook also remind its users that it is important to consider that memorialization is a significant choice.

      If the person appoint as legacy contact is not a family member or a close friend of the deceased individual, they suggest reaching out to the person’s family before requesting memorialisation.

      As individuals navigate the complexities of life and death in the digital age, understanding and making inform decisions about the future of their online presence can offer a sense of peace and assurance to both themselves and their loved ones.

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