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      WhatsApp for Android Enhances Calling Convenience with New In-App Dialler and Adds Interactive Stickers with Lottie Framework

      WhatsApp is making significant updates to enhance user experience on both Android and iOS platforms. For Android users, WhatsApp is reportedly developing a new in-app dialler, aiming to streamline the calling process and offer greater convenience.

      Simultaneously, the messaging giant is introducing more interactive stickers powered by the Lottie framework for both Android and iOS users, adding a new dimension of fun and engagement to conversations.

      These updates highlight WhatsApp’s ongoing commitment to improving functionality and interactivity for its vast user base.

      WhatsApp for Android May Be Developing a New In-App Dialler for Calling Convenience

      WhatsApp is said to be working on many new features for the Android platform.

      According to a feature tracker, one of the features introduce in the latest WhatsApp for Android beta app update is a new in-app dialler.

      This new feature is speculate to make WhatsApp calling convenient by allowing users to make calls directly from the app, without having to switch to the system dialler and save the contact on the Android smartphone.

      According to WABetaInfo, the new in-app dialler may appear as a floating action button (FAB) in the Calls tab.

      You can take advantage of WhatsApp calling, even to numbers which aren’t save on the smartphone.

      This feature is said to have spot in the WhatsApp for Android beta app version Android

      Apart from calling, users may be able to save the contact from the dialler to the smartphone’s address book, either as a new contact or an addition to an existing one.

      A messaging option is also said to be present for those who initially want to call someone but change their mind and now wish to send them a WhatsApp message.

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      It is speculate to also offer the functionality to check whether a given number is register on WhatsApp.

      The feature tracker suggested that the new in-app dialler is available to select users who are enroll in the Google Play Beta program as beta testers of the WhatsApp for Android app.

      WhatsApp for Android, iOS Get More Interactive Stickers With Lottie Framework Support

      WhatsApp is rolling out more interactive stickers with fluid motion, courtesy of the new Lottie framework support.

      According to a feature tracker, this development was first report in a beta version of the WhatsApp for Android app in February but is now rolling out widely with the latest stable update for both Android and iOS platforms.

      Stickers will now have more dynamic animations, starting with the first sticker pack call as “I’m Just a Girl”.

      According to feature tracker WABetaInfo, the support for the Lottie framework is available to users with the latest version of WhatsApp for Android and iOS platforms.

      If users can see the sticker pack on the WhatsApp sticker store, it may be enable for them.

      With it, stickers now become more dynamic.

      At present, sticker packs on WhatsApp are in the WebP format which allows developers to compress the image size while maintaining its quality on the web.

      But, the Lottie framework enables more dynamic and fluid animations built on motion graphic design software such as Adobe After Effects for native rending on mobile devices.

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      Stickers created using Lottie are said to be based on vectors.

      This essentially means developers (or users) can scale the animations as per their preference without having to sacrifice the resolution.

      The feature tracker says the “I’m Just a Girl” sticker pack, develop by BUCK, is the first official sticker pack built using the new framework.

      It features stickers with more fluid animations, unlike other packs in the store.

      The “I’m Just a Girl” sticker pack is 228KB in size.

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