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WhatsApp Launched Flash Calls and Message Level Reporting Safety Features in India

WhatsApp has launch two new safety features in India, flash calls and message level reporting. This newly launch features enables users to report accounts by flagging a specific message.

The flash call feature is an addition to the SMS verification option mandate on the registration process on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp says that these two features have been introduce to ensure that the user experience remains secure.

WhatsApp offers a slew of safety features like blocking contacts, control over what to share with whom, disappearing messages, and locking the app with Touch ID or Face ID.

The WhatsApp has roll out flash calls and message level reporting features as part of its efforts to make the platform more secure.

The new flash call feature offers users the option to verify their phone number through an automate call, as oppose to an SMS message while setting up WhatsApp on a new phone or re-installing it on a handset.

This feature is currently available for Android users only.

This path allows WhatsApp to call the phone and verify automatically, eliminating the need for any other SMS verification action.

WhatsApp claims that this is a much safer option given that it takes place all from within the app.

WhatsApp users can now report accounts to WhatsApp by flagging a specific message.

This can be execute by simply long pressing a particular message to either report or block a user.

WhatsApp says that it ban over 2.2 million accounts in the month of September alone.

While most of the accounts ban were due to automate tools kept in place by WhatsApp to trace fishy accounts.

Also WhatsApp include the ability to control who sees a user profile photo, last seen, about, and Status.

WhatsApp also enables users to block accounts if required.

WhatsApp also offers two-step verification to users to add an extra layer of security.

For group chats, WhatsApp has group privacy settings that let users control who adds them.


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