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      Who is Nambi Narayanan | Rocketry – The Nambi Effect

      Trailer of R Madhavan’s film Rocketry – The Nambi Effect released on Thursday, April 1st 2021. The film is base on ex-ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan and Madhavan will be seen playing the main character in the film.

      Who is Nambi Narayanan main inspiration behind Madhavan’s directorial film?

      Lets learn about exactly Who is Nambi Narayanan?

      Who is Nambi Narayanan?

      Nambi Narayanan is an Indian scientist and aerospace engineer from the state of Tamil Nadu.

      He was the head of Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) Cryogenics Division when he was involve in a fake spying case.

      Nambi Narayanan was charge with leaking confidential information pertaining to India’s space development to foreign agents in November 1994.

      He was accuse of selling confidential “flight test data” for millions to foreign agents.

      Nambi Narayanan was arrest and then after interrogated by the Intelligence Bureau (IB).

      He claim that he was force to make false accusations against top ISRO officials.

      Nambi had also claim that he was treat to inhumane torture when he refused to comply with their demands and confess to the crime which never happened.

      Central Bureau of Investigation dismissed the charges against Nambi Narayanan due to the lack of genuine information in 1996.

      Supreme Court also dismissed the charges against Nambi in 1998.

      But then the damage was already done to the scientist’s career.

      After the dismissal of the charges against Nambi Narayanan he was transfer to Thiruvananthapuram.

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      He retired from his service in 2001.

      Three-member panel was appointed by the Supreme Court to probe the arrest and torture of Nambi Narayanan in a case which later turn out to be false on September 2018.

      The Kerala government was order to pay Nambi a compensation of Rs 50 lakh for the “mental cruelty” he had to go through during the process.

      The State government decided to payout Rs 1.3 crore.

      In 2019 Nambi Narayanan get award with the third-highest civilian award, Padma Bhushan.

      Rocketry – The Nambi Effect

      Rocketry – The Nambi Effect is a biographical drama based on the life of Nambi Narayanan.

      Madhavan is the writer, producer and director of the film.

      Rocketry also stars Simran and Ravi Raghavendra in important roles.

      The release date of the film is yet to be announce.

      Watch Trailer in Hindi :

      Watch Trailer in English :

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