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      Why it never snows in Delhi though the City is Colder than Many other Hill Stations | Answer Inside

      Delhi has a new low temperature of 3 degrees Celsius, making one of the coldest days this winter season. The cold wave sweeping over northern India is not likely to abate any time soon.

      The prevailing cold snap is making the national capital, locate in the plains, far colder than some hill stations.

      As per reports say Delhi’s minimum temperature was lower than

      • Dalhousie (4.9 degrees Celsius),
      • Dharamshala (5.2 degrees Celsius),
      • Kangra (3.2 degrees Celsius),
      • Shimla (3.7 degrees Celsius),
      • Mussoorie (4.4 degrees Celsius),
      • Nainital (6.2 degrees Celsius).

      The fog over the city is shielding it from sunlight, leading to the chill.

      The weather department had issue an orange alert for Delhi.

      A fresh western disturbance expect on 7th January 2023 may help disperse the fog and bring some respite, as per an IMD official said by media reports.

      Why does it never snow in Delhi?

      AI-generate images of what Delhi would look like cover under snow are going viral on the internet.

      It gets really cold in the city, its location does not permit snowfall.

      Delhi is a very dry city and the cold peaks there in January when icy winds from the Himalayas blow into the plains, plunging the temperatures low.

      The minimum temperature in Delhi and its surrounding does reach the vicinity of 0 degree Celsius, which (zero or sub-zero temperature) is a pre-requisite for precipitation to fall as snow.

      When the mercury dips to the range of zero degrees, Delhi and other areas usually witness frost, not snow, for which at or below freezing temperatures are necessary.

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      Also, for it to snow, clouds need to form.

      If the sky is overcast in Delhi during winter, the cloud cover rather traps heat than does the opposite.

      For snow, the temperature at ground level too should be sub-zero, that is, at or below freezing temperatures.

      Delhi winters are characterise by thick fog and haze which cuts off sunlight, reducing visibility and bringing bone-chilling cold to the city.

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