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      Why many of Twitter Handles Keep Losing Followers | Explaination

      Anupam Kher have tweeted about losing followers from a few hundreds to thousands of users in recent days. According to Twitter this is a impact of regular clean up exercises on the platform. Earlier too many handles have seen similar drops in followers.

      Twitter Said :

      Twitter spokesperson said that regularly challenges accounts to validate or confirm account details, like password or phone number, to better protect the integrity of the conversation on Twitter”. Until an account confirms the additional information, it remains in a locked state and therefore it “will not count toward follower counts”. This results in a drop in follower counts for many users.

      How Twitter Define Platform Manipulation?

      Any attempts to “engage in bulk, aggressive, or deceptive activity that misleads others and/or disrupts their experience,” is define as manipulation by the network.

      Twitter says manipulation on the platform can take many forms and that running fake accounts to mislead others is in violation of its policies.

      Users giving out misleading information on their account is also consider as part of platform manipulation.

      If the handle does not associate clearly with an individual or entity then it could be block till these details are clarified.

      There are hundreds of accounts that use the same display picture and name like popular actor or politician.

      Such accounts are frequently under the scanner of Twitter.

      What Twitter have to Say on Artificially Boosting Followers?

      According to the policy users are forbidden from inflating their own or others followers or engagement by artificial means.

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      This means include selling or purchasing followers, or even selling engagements such as Retweets, Likes, mentions, Twitter Poll votes.

      Any kind of “indiscriminate following”, which is define as “following and/or unfollowing a large number of unrelated accounts in a short time period, particularly by automated means”, is in violation.

      Duplicating another account’s followers, particularly using automation is also not allow.

      How does Twitter Check?

      Twitter notes that they take actions such as anti-spam challenges to fight platform manipulation.

      Twitter suspects an account of indulging in such activities it may lock the account until they can provide more information, such as a phone number or solve reCAPTCHA.

      This is likely what happened with a lot of accounts recently and if they didn’t pass Twitter’s challenge, they will remain locked.

      According to Twitter :

      “if the platform manipulation or spam offense” is an isolated incident, its actions may range from deletion of tweets to temporarily locking account(s). But it warns that any further “platform manipulation offenses will result in permanent suspension.”


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