Why WhatsApp | Facebook | Instagram Outage Caused?

Outages on Monday at Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram is due to a problem in the Facebook’s domain name system. Which commonly known as DNS. DNS is like a phone book for the Internet.

The DNS is the tool that converts a Web domain, like Facebook, into the actual Internet protocol, or IP, address where the site resides.

Technical problem related to Facebook’s DNS records generated on Monday at least six hours of outages.

When a DNS error occurs, a user’s web browser or smartphone apps can longer navigate to Facebook services.

Facebook’s primary platforms down and also too did some of its internal applications, including the company’s own email system.

Users on Twitter have also said that employees at the company’s Menlo Park, California, campus were unable to access offices and conference rooms that require a security badge.

This could happen if the system that grants access is also connect to the same domain  – Facebook.

The problem at Facebook appears to have its origins in the Border Gateway Protocol, or BGP. If DNS is the Internet’s phone book, BGP is its postal service.

When a user enters data in the Internet, BGP determines the best available paths that data could travel.

Before Facebook’s platforms stop loading, public records show that a large number of changes were made to Facebook’s BGP routes, Facebook hasn’t comment on if or why those changes were made.


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