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      Xiaomi Made-in-India Manufacturing for Smartphones, Smart TVs in India


      Xiaomi is expanding manufacturing for smartphones and smart TVs in India.

      Xiaomi announced Hyderabad-based Radiant Technology as its second manufacturing partner for locally producing smart TVs in the country, after Dixon.

      BYD is setting up a plant in Tamil Nadu and is expect to kick off local manufacturing of smartphones later in the first half of 2021.

      DBG has already established a facility in Bawal, Haryana for smartphone manufacturing, Xiaomi announced.

      The company added that the addition of DBG increased its monthly manufacturing capacity by about 20 percent.

      Manu Kumar Jain, CEO Xiaomi Vice President Said :

      It was ramping up local manufacturing and sourcing of smartphone components. Majority of smartphone components have already been manufactured in the country.

      Xiaomi mention in a statement that the components produced locally in the country contribute to more than 75 percent of the value of smartphones.

      Manu Kumar Jain Said :

      “Chipsets are coming from different parts of the world,” “There are also components coming from Europe and the US, or raw material if not components.”

      “The reason why we say 99% and not 100% is because for some time, for our first sales, we do import small quantities because we are still wrapping up our entire package,”.

      Xiaomi has partners such as Sunny India, NVT, Salcomp, LY Tech, and Sunvoda that manufacture its smartphone components in the country.

      Xiaomi produces its smart TVs locally in India.

      The company started manufacturing its TVs domestically by partnering with Dixon in October 2018.

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      That development has now been expand with the addition of Radiant Technology, which has set up a manufacturing plant in Telangana.

      Xiaomi claimed that with the addition of its new manufacturing partner,

      It is selling 100 percent “Made-in-India” smart TVs in the country.


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