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      YouTube Shorts Revenue Sharing Starts from 1st February 2023 as New Partner Program Agreement Roll Out | Details Inside

      YouTube has announce that revenue sharing for YouTube Shorts will start on 1st February 2023. A new agreement for the YouTube Partner Program is being roll out this week, as announce in a video on the YouTube Creators channel.

      Accepting a new agreement is a must for all creators who earn money from the Partner Program, and it has to be sign by 10th July 2023, in order to continue with monetization.

      YouTube has reconfigure the new agreement to include “Modules,” which YouTube claims will give creators more versatility in how they earn money from YouTube.

      All creators must sign the “Base Terms,” which include things like content policies, and three other sections.

      The first is the “Watch Page Monetization Module,” which is applicable to long-form or live stream content on all YouTube products.

      Signing up for this module allows a creator to generate income from videos view on the YouTube website or apps, as well as content embedded on third-party websites.

      The “YouTube Shorts Monetization Module,” which permits the monetization of short-form content on YouTube, is the most significant new addition.

      Revenue is generate here through advertisements or YouTube Premium, and it is obtainable for “eligible Shorts” as of 1st February, 2023.

      Following that date, creators will begin to earn money from Shorts as soon as they sign the agreement.

      It has been declare that non-original content will be ineligible for revenue sharing.

      This would include unedit movie or TV show clips, content from other creators on YouTube or other platforms, and compilations with no original content.

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      Shorts views will also be render ineligible by click/scroll bots.

      YouTube also goes into greater detail about how revenue from Shorts is distribute.

      The new Partner Program also includes a “Commerce Product Addendum,” which enables Fan Funding features like Super Chat.

      If you’ve already decide to opt in, you won’t need to re-sign for this section.

      Channels that do not accept the revise Partner Program terms by 10th July, 2023, will be remove from the programme, with all monetization halt and re-qualification require to rejoin.

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