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      YouTube Trials AI-Powered Comment Summariser for Shorts and Google Lens Object Detection on Android

      YouTube is pushing the boundaries of its platform with two innovative features currently in testing. The first feature is an AI-power comment summariser design to provide concise overviews of comment threads on YouTube Shorts, enhancing user engagement and content interaction on mobile devices.

      Simultaneously, YouTube is experimenting with integrating a Google Lens button on its Android app, enabling advanced object detection and OCR-based searches.

      These developments highlight YouTube’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to improve user experience and expand functionality.

      YouTube Tests AI-Powered Comment Topics Summariser Feature for Shorts on Mobile

      YouTube is testing its AI-based comment topic summariser feature for Shorts.

      This experimental feature will only show up on the video streaming giant’s iOS and Android apps for now and will be available on a limited number of Shorts with large comment sections from select creators.

      The feature sorts the comment section into popular topics based on user-generated comments.

      AI topics were first announce in 2023 and were later roll out globally for long-format videos.

      As, YouTube is also testing an AI-power custom green screen image generation tool dub Dream Screen for Shorts.

      In its dedicated support page for test features and experiments, YouTube share details of the feature.

      The platform said it is testing the comment topics summariser feature for Shorts.

      The minute-long vertical videos with infinite scrolling have become a popular addition to the streaming platform.

      YouTube is now adding the comment topics feature to boost the participation of users in conversations.

      The AI-power topics summarise feature works in a straightforward manner.

      It pulls all the publish comments to find similar keywords.

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      Then, it categorises the most-talk-about keywords into different sections and generates a title for each topic.

      In long-format videos, these topics can be see on the mobile app once the user enters the comment section.

      On the top of the section, a new ‘Topics’ tab appears that shows different label topics when click.

      Each topic shows all the relevant comments to help users easily find interesting conversations and contribute to them.

      YouTube said that during the test, the AI topics will be visible on Shorts by select creators who are part of the experiment groups.

      Google will choose Shorts with large comment sections and show topics.

      Front-end visibility will also be for a small number of users viewing the videos on the mobile app.

      In case creators want to remove any topic, they will have to delete individual comments that appear under a specific topic.

      YouTube explain that the AI only uses publish comments to thematically align them, and comments which are held for review, those containing block words, or from block users will not be consider.

      YouTube Testing Google Lens Button With Object Detection, OCR-Based Search on Android: Report

      As YouTube is set to offer improve functionality with the integration of a new Google Lens button, according to a report.

      A new option to perform a search using Google’s visual lookup tool has been adds to the top panel that includes search bar on the YouTube app for Android, enabling users to take an image of an object and search for it on the video-streaming platform.

      The feature is now rolling out to users, which means not all users will see it immediately on their smartphones.

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      According to report, the YouTube app on Android has update with a new Google Lens button that brings support for the company’s visual search tool to its popular streaming platform.

      It is shown to appear when searching for videos, alongside the microphone button that lets users dictate search terms instead of typing them.

      Google Lens can identify objects in the viewfinder by comparing them with similar images on the Internet.

      It is also claim to be capable of translating over 100 languages in real time. 

      Google also says it can provide step-by-step instructions for completing homework.

      Also, it is also equip with optical character recognition (OCR) functionality, which lets it identify text in images.

      According to the publication, users will reportedly be able to capture images of objects using Google Lens and perform a search on YouTube.

      Apart from the search bar, the Lens icon also reportedly appears on top of the search results page on YouTube for Android.

      The report suggests that the Google Lens integration is being roll out in a phase manner and all users may not see it on their handsets immediately.

      YouTube also recently start testing a new Dream Screen feature for Shorts that will add custom green screen images generated by AI to the videos, according to a blog post by Google.

      To use it, creators can simply provide a text prompt describing what they want in the background.

      It is said that this feature is aim at creators who prefer to use creative backgrounds to stand out in the videos, without requiring the resources to do so.

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      Google says it is an experimental feature, meaning only select Shorts creators will have access to it.

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