Zoom to Add Real-Time Translation for 12 Languages and Many More New Features Announced

Zoom is launching a range of new features to make video meetings more productive and assist the hybrid and remote working culture. Zoom announce that it is adding real-time, multi-language transcription and translation for Zoom calls soon.

The new real-time translation feature will help to decrease language barriers during video calls.

The live translation feature will be up and running next year for 12 languages.

Zoom will use artificial intelligence (AI)-power algorithms and machine learning (ML) to transcribe what a speaker is saying into text.

The announcement of real time translation function comes a couple months after Zoom acquired the translation company Kites.

Zoom purchase the German startup in June for an undisclosed amount.

The other major change coming to Zoom is regarding its Whiteboard feature.

Whiteboard works as a digital canvas and allows remote and in-office employees to interact via virtual whiteboard.

Zoom says its working to allow users to use Zoom Whiteboard from a “wide range of devices.”

The Zoom also announce a new feature call Hot Desking to allow employees to reserve desks and spaces in their offices using an interactive map.

This feature will be available later this year.


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