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      2YoDo TV Launched Public Awareness Online Campaign Urging Voters to Prioritize National Interest over Caste, Religion, and Other Divisive Factors

      In a bid to foster a more unified and progressive society, 2YoDoINDIA News Network (2YoDo TV) is proud to announce the launch of its latest public awareness online campaign. This campaign aims to encourage voters across the nation to prioritize the interest of the country over divisive factors such as caste, religion, and other personal considerations during elections with the help of questionnaire. 

      The campaign, titled “Prioritizing National Interest over Divisive Factors” underscores the critical importance of making informed decisions based on the long-term welfare and advancement of the nation as a whole.

      By shifting the focus away from identity politics and towards issues that affect every citizen, 2YoDo TV seeks to promote unity, equality, and inclusive governance.

      “With the upcoming elections, it’s imperative that we, as citizens, prioritize the greater good of our nation over narrow sectarian interests,” said Rahul Ram Dwivedi, Founder & Director, 2YoDoINDIA News Network.

      Rahul Ram Dwivedi Said :

      “By casting our votes based on the policies and vision for the country rather than factors like caste or religion, we can contribute to the building of a stronger, more cohesive society.”

      This campaign will utilize a online approach, to reach a wide audience across demographics.

      Through thought-provoking content, engaging discussions on social media, 2YoDoINDIA News Network aims to spark meaningful conversations and inspire positive action among voters.

      Rahul Ram Dwivedi Said :

      “We believe that every vote cast in the interest of the nation’s progress is a step towards a brighter future for all,”

      “Together, we can create a political landscape where meritocracy, integrity, and inclusivity prevail.”

      2YoDo TV invites individuals, organizations, and influencers passionate about promoting unity and national interest to join hands in spreading the message of the campaign.

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      Together, let us empower voters to make choices that reflect their commitment to a stronger, more prosperous India.

      2YoDoINDIA News Network (2YoDo TV) is an independent media organization dedicated to covering news from India and elsewhere with a focus on progressive movements. Founded in 2019, 2YoDoINDIA News Network has, over the years, become one of India’s most consistent chroniclers of diverse people’s movements and struggles. 2YoDoINDIA News Network’s aim has always been to report, in depth, on news and views.

      In addition to an experienced team of reporters across the country, 2YoDoINDIA News Network hosts the work of critical and progressive voices from across the country. As 2YoDoINDIA News Network also focuses extensively on science and technology, and on data journalism.

      2YoDoINDIA News Network was founded by Rahul Ram Dwivedi, who is also the Editor-in-Chief of the organisation. An Editorial Collective manages the day-to-day affairs of the organisation.

      Join the movement to prioritize our nation’s progress over divisive factors like caste and religion. Every vote counts towards building a stronger, more unified India! In the upcoming elections, let’s choose policies over prejudices and empower our nation’s future, not personal agendas.

      This campaign is about rallying together as citizens to build a more inclusive and equitable society. By voting for national interest, we can pave the way for a brighter future for all Indians, regardless of their background or beliefs.

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      Share this poster and spread the message of unity. Use #VoteForNation to join the conversation and inspire others to make their voices heard. Together, let’s make history by voting for the future we believe in!

      With your support, we can create positive change and shape a better tomorrow for generations to come. Let’s stand united and vote for the progress of our nation. Together, we can build a stronger, more prosperous India for all.

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