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      How Audio Sharing to Multiple Devices Works via Bluetooth Auracast as it Adds in Android 15 | Details Inside

      Android 15 adds audio sharing to multiple devices via Bluetooth Auracast. For those who travel with friends or family, sharing audio can be a hard task as current Bluetooth limitations restrict streaming to one device at a time.

      But, the Bluetooth LE Audio standard and its Auracast feature gives a solution for this limitation. 

      Auracast allows broadcasting audio to nearby devices via Bluetooth Low Energy.

      As traditional Bluetooth, Auracast doesn’t require pairing between source and receiving devices. 

      Means, you can imagine your phone acting like a mini radio tower, transmitting an audio stream that other devices can pick up.

      It’s not that there are no such audio-sharing features on smartphones.

      But they are often limit to their mini ecosystem. 

      Lets understand with example, there’s a feature in Samsung phones call as “Dual Audio” that allows you to send your media audio to two different Bluetooth devices at once.

      But it requires specific Samsung devices to work.

      There’s also Apple’s “Share Audio”, but it works only between iPhones. 

      Auracast is available to any device or platform that licenses the technology from the Bluetooth SIG, the governing body for Bluetooth standards.

      As Auracast announced in 2022, it has adopt by smartphone manufacturers.

      But, with Bluetooth LE Audio becoming a standard feature, this is changing. 

      Android 15 natively introduces a dedicated “audio sharing” page for managing Auracast streams.

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      This feature allows users to find, connect to, or initiate their own Auracast broadcast. 

      As per the reports, it can enable on a Google Pixel 8 Pro running Android 15 Beta 1.1 allowing successful connection with Samsung Galaxy devices running One UI 6.1. 

      These devices require Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2 Pro earbuds, which have Auracast support.

      How to Start an Auracast Stream on Android 15?

      Follow These Steps :

      • Navigate to Settings
      • Then go to Connected devices
      • Now, Connection preferences
      • Then, Audio sharing.

      There will be a toggle for “share audio” that will initiate the broadcast. 

      For secure connections, you can set a broadcast name and password under “stream settings.”

      Also, they can also generate a QR code for others to scan and join the stream. 

      When connected, both the devices played the same audio via their respective earbuds.

      But, you have to note that Auracast only supports one-way broadcasts.

      Means connected devices cannot control playback on the source device.

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