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      China Launched 5.5G Network: Know Everything about Advanced Version of the 5G Network | Details Inside

      In India telecom companies have yet to finalize the rollout of 5G connectivity and China is already leading the next advancement in the wireless technology space. China Mobile, Chinese telecom, has recently announce the commercial launch of its 5.5G network.

      But the question is, what is 5.5G, and how is it different from the standard 5G network?

      5.5G is the advance version of the 5G network and also known as 5G-Advance or 5GA.

      As the 4G LTE network that exists today is nothing but the advance version of the 4G connectivity with better speed and latency and also known as 4.5G or 4G-Advanced.

      4.5G is built upon the standard 4G network.

      Same, 5.5G also uses the standard 5G network, but the improvements it brings to the latency and speed are significant.

      The 5.5G network promises big improvements over the standard 5G network.

      5.5G network can offer a download speed of up to 10Gbps, and the upload speed can reach up to 1Gbps.

      As 5G has nearly support smartphone needs by offering better download and upload speeds, it has fail to make a bold impact in the industrial space, where applications need lower latency, super-fast uploads, extra security, reliable performance and lower power consumption, among many other.

      5.5G could bridge those gaps and will serve as a crucial link towards 6G.

      China Mobile is the first to announce the 5.5G rollout in China.

      As per China Mobile, it will cover more than 300 cities with its 5.5G network by the end of 2024.

      As it’s too early to say if all 5G smartphones will support 5.5G, one thing for sure is that not everyone will require a new phone. 

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      In China, Oppo’s Product Chief Officer, post a teaser showing the Oppo Find X7 Ultra displaying “5GA” in its status bar.

      5.5G should at be support by devices power by Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset and Dimensity 9300 chipset.

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