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      Google is Using AI Models to Tackle High-Mortality Diseases like Tuberculosis, Breast Cancer and Many More in India

      Google AI is partnering with Apollo Radiology International to bring AI-power healthcare solutions to communities in India. This collaboration focuses on tackling high-mortality diseases like tuberculosis, lung cancer, and breast cancer, where specialist shortages hinder early detection.

      TB detection

      A shortage of radiologists to analyze chest X-rays, crucial for TB screening, is a major hurdle.

      Google’s AI system aids in early TB detection by analyzing these scans.

      Lung and breast cancer screening

      AI assists with both broader screening accessibility and identifying incidental nodules in lung scans and mammograms, helping radiologists prioritize cases.

      Over the next decade, Apollo Radiology International aims to leverage these AI models for 3 million free screenings for TB, lung cancer, and breast cancer.

      This collaboration has the potential to significantly improve access to timely care for hundreds of thousands in India. also supports ARMMAN, a mobile service offering target preventive care messages for expecting and new mothers. 

      Google AI technology helps predict women at risk of dropping out of healthcare programs, allowing health workers to proactively follow up.

      This initiative is a clear example of AI bridging the healthcare gap in resource-limited regions, enabling earlier diagnoses and improve health outcomes.

      If the early trials with this technology shows result, we can expect this at a larger scale being deploy in multiple regions.

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