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      Bullet Echo India: Krafton with Zeptolab Launched a Shooter Game for Smartphones | Details Inside

      Krafton, a BGMI developer has announce the launch of Bullet Echo India, a multiplayer free-to-play top-down shooter game for smartphones with Zeptolab. Bullet Echo India is available on iOS and Android smartphones.

      Bullet Echo India said to be made for Indian gamers and will offer players the ability to team up with friends and jump into brisk two-minute battles as they try to eliminate other teams, until there is only one group left standing.

      In a press release, Krafton announce that Bullet Echo India was available to download from the Play Store and App Store for Android and iPhone.

      Bullet Echo India is a free to play battle royale-style top-down shooter game, as per Krafton, and will support player versus player (PvP) battles in which gamers can join teams and take on other groups.

      Bullet Echo India is already available to download via both app stores in India, and the description for the title says that the multiplayer title will offer battles that last for two minutes.

      Gamers can choose to be a gunner or a sniper that are loud and stealthy, respectively.

      After jumping into a game, you will find that your team’s vision is limit, you can only see what your flashlight illuminates.

      But, the game will let you identify enemies nearby using your sense of hearing, so you will need to listen for shots and footsteps. 

      Krafton also says that Bullet Echo India will feature many ‘heroes’ with different powers, and you can unlock different perks for these heroes, that will also affect how your team functions.

      Bullet Echo India will also feature a solo mode call as King of the Hill, when you don’t have enough team members to play the default mode.

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      There’s also a league mode that offers longer gameplay per match, as per Krafton.

      Bullet Echo India is free to play, just like Krafton’s most popular app Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) with in-app purchases.

      • Click HERE to Download Bullet Echo India for Android
      • Click HERE to Download Bullet Echo India for iOS

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