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      Xiaomi HyperOS: List of Devices Getting the Update in India of Human-Centric Operating System

      Xiaomi has officially launch HyperOS in India. The Xiaomi has also unveil its availability and roll-out timeline for its smartphones and tablets. HyperOS, a human-centric operating system, design for connect personal devices.

      List of Devices Getting the Update of Xiaomi HyperOS

      This timeline provides a detail plan for Xiaomi and Redmi device owners awaiting the HyperOS update.

      Updates for HyperOS were roll out to the following models:

      February 2024
      • Xiaomi 13 Pro
      • Xiaomi Pad 6
      • Redmi 12 5G
      • Redmi 12C
      • Redmi 11 Prime
      • Redmi Pad
      March 2024
      • Xiaomi 12 Pro
      • Redmi Note 13 Pro+
      • Redmi Note 13 Pro
      • Redmi Note 13
      • Redmi Note 12 Pro+
      • Redmi Note 12 Pro
      • Redmi Note 12
      Second Quarter of 2024
      • Xiaomi 11 Ultra
      • Xiaomi 11T Pro
      • Mi 11X
      • Xiaomi 11i HyperCharge
      • Xiaomi 11 Lite
      • Xiaomi 11i
      • Mi 10
      • Xiaomi Pad 5
      • Redmi 13C Series
      • Redmi 12
      • Redmi Note 11 Series
      • Redmi 11 Prime 5G
      • Redmi K50i

      HyperOS aims to seamlessly connect personal devices, vehicles, and smart home products.

      It is built on five key pillars: System Level Optimization, Interconnectivity, Active Intelligence, Privacy & Security, and Open Platform, promising to efficiently meet user needs.

      HyperOS offers significant performance improvements, including reduce response, message delivery, and task switching delays, enhance CPU load assessments, and improve scheduling latency.

      It also reduces system storage requirements and improves I/O performance and OTA updates.

      HyperOS emphasizes personalization through its Alive Design Philosophy, offering customizable lock screens, a revamped Control Centre, a redesigned media player widget, system icons, and UI experiences.

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      It supports a wide range of languages and glyphs with its system font, MiSans, and introduces an upgrade Floating Window and a new Workstation mode for tablets.

      For interconnectivity, HyperOS includes features like Home Screen+, a share clipboard, and a notes app for seamless device integration.

      It introduces Xiaomi Smart Hub for device management, Xiaomi HyperMind for proactive device collaboration, comprehensive security measures, and a unified smart ecosystem to connect various devices, leveraging the world’s largest consumer IoT platform for innovation.

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