10K is Written as 10K Why not 10T | Confusion about OK | How ‘GOD BE WITH YOU’ Became ‘GOOD BYE’

We write 10K as 10K but why not 10T? Most of you must have raise this question in your mind at some point or the other but the answer has not been found. So today 2YODO will tell you about the mystery behind it, why we use ‘K’ instead of ‘T’.

The trend of short form has increased so much all over the world that people starts writing the number in short.

If someone is ask to write 10 thousand and 10 million then he write 10K and 10M.

So the question arises here that when we use ‘M’ for million, why not ‘T’ for thousand?

Why do we use ‘K’ for thousand?

Why is ‘K’ use?

According to reports,

The story of ‘K’ started with a Greek word ‘Chilioi’, which means thousand.

It is first use for ‘thousand’ in Greek.

It is also mention in the Bible.

After Greek, the French also adopts this word, which later became Kilo.

After this, kilos started being use by adding thousand.

Wherever one had to multiply by a thousand, the kilo was use.

Like 1000 grams made kilograms, 1000 meters made kilometer, 1000 liters made kiloliters etc.

That is, kilo is use for 1000.

For this reason, the kilo became the symbol of thousand.

In this case, K is use for Kilo only.

And that’s why whenever we write 10 thousand, then 10k is written and 50k for 50 thousand.

Confusion about OK

We All say OK in short when we agree for something.

On 23th March 1839, the word OK was first print in the American newspaper Boston Morning Post.

Was OK means all correct.

It is believe that at that time educated people had a fashion of writing wrong spellings and they wrote All correct to Oll Korrekt, which was made short to OK by the Boston Morning Post.

From then till today we all say ‘OK’ only.

How ‘God Be With You’ Became ‘Good Bye’

Good Bye is made from the phrase God Be With You.

Bye-Bye was first use in the nursery phrase as a lullaby to put babies to sleep in the early 1700s, So the word baby talk is also use for this.

Bye has many meanings.

As far as Good Bye is concern, it is made of God be with you.

Later God change to good.

The reason was probably the trend of phrases like good day, good night.


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