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      Centre Government to Launch U-WIN Portal for Maintaining Electronic Registry of Routine Immunisations | Details Inside

      Centre Government will soon roll out ‘U-WIN’ portal for maintaining an electronic registry of routine immunisations. This U-WIN initiative, design on the lines of COVID-19 vaccine management system Co-WIN, aims to modernize the Universal Immunisation Programme (UIP) and is currently undergoing pilot testing in two districts within every state and Union Territory.

      This platform will be use to register and vaccinate every pregnant woman, record her delivery outcome, register every newborn delivery, administer birth doses and all vaccination events thereafter, as per official sources.

      U-WIN, which will replicate Co-WIN, was launch on 11th January in 65 districts across the country.

      Vaccination records under UIP are being maintain manually as of now.

      So this will do away with the hassle of keeping a physical record.

      It will enable the digitisation of session planning, and updating vaccination status on a real-time basis, as per official said.

      Right now, multiple vaccines and doses lead to difficulty in monitoring, as per other official.

      The system is also plagued by the absence of a mechanism of individual tracking.

      There is also lack of awareness among beneficiaries about sessions, location and date, especially in urban areas and iniquity in immunisation coverage in states/UTs.

      Another major issue is that immunisation at private health facilities is not recorded, as per official.

      The U-WIN is going to be the single source of information for immunisation services which will record pregnancy details and outcome, newborn registration and immunisation at birth.

      There will also be live updating of vaccination status, delivery outcome, and planning of RI (routine immunisation) sessions.

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      As per official explaination :

      “There will be digital registrations of all pregnant women and newborns for individualised tracking for vaccination, reminders for upcoming doses and follow-up of dropouts. Healthcare workers and programme managers will be able to generate real-time data of routine immunisation sessions and vaccination coverage for better planning and vaccine distribution. There will be details of sessions planned in their area for the coming month and due-list of beneficiaries,”.

      For pregnant women and children, vaccine acknowledgement and immunisation card link to ABHA ID (Ayushman Bharat Heath Account) will be generate and all states and districts can access a common database to track and vaccinate beneficiaries.

      By this platform, citizens can check nearby ongoing routine immunisation sessions, and book appointments, as per the official.

      As per official said :

      “Besides, all the e-vaccination certificates like Covid vaccination certificates will have pictures of PM Narendra Modi,”.

      According to the status update on beneficiary data and sessions from states/UTs, till 28th August, more than 6.8 million beneficiaries have register and more than 13 million vaccine doses recorded and track via U-WIN.

      As per the data, 33,58,770 infants, in the age-group of 0-1 years, and 20,98,338 children aged 1-5 years, have register.

      And 14,20,708 pregnant women have register and 1,32,60,903 doses are being digitally track.

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