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      Dengue-Like Fever Surges : Doctors on High Alert | Symptoms | Prevention | Details Inside

      Bengaluru has experience a significant surge in dengue-like infections, primarily affecting children, especially those under the age of 10, as per the report. These cases in question exhibit symptoms resembling dengue, such as a decrease in platelet count.

      But, when tested, the results consistently show no presence of the virus responsible for dengue, which is transmit by mosquitoes.

      Some medical experts speculate that these dengue-like infections could be link to an evolve form of the dengue virus.

      They are urging parents to promptly seek medical assistance if their children develop high fever.

      Also, doctors warn that children may experience a decline in platelet count, potentially leading to a drop in their blood pressure.

      In light of these concerns, parents are advise not to resort to over-the-counter remedies like Ibuprofen when dealing with fever, as it may pose a risk of bleeding complications, particularly in cases of dengue fever

      Health experts have said that individuals can experience symptoms resembling Dengue fever, including fever with chills, sweating, headache, rashes, fatigue, and some signs of bleeding such as nosebleeds, gum bleeding, or small red or purple skin spots known as petechiae.

      And Dengue fever is a well-known cause of such symptoms, other viral infections like chikungunya, Zika virus, and various arboviruses can also present with similar clinical features.

      Preventing such Dengue-like illnesses primarily involves vector control, which means eliminating mosquito breeding sites, especially in regions where these diseases are prevalent.

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      Also, practicing personal protection measures like using mosquito repellent and wearing protective clothing can help reduce the risk of infection.

      A drop in platelet count, refer to as thrombocytopenia, can be concerning.

      Platelets play a important role in blood clotting and preventing excessive bleeding.

      Managing a healthy platelet level in individuals with Dengue-like illnesses typically requires close monitoring and medical intervention when necessary.

      In some cases, patients may need platelet transfusions to prevent or treat severe bleeding.

      So, it’s important to note that not all Dengue-like illnesses lead to thrombocytopenia, and the severity of the platelet drop can vary.

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