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DNA Covid Vaccine : Everything Which You Need to Know | The world's first DNA vaccine for COVID-19 | Price | Painless Vaccine | Efficacy rate of the DNA Vaccine | What is a DNA-based Vaccine | How does DNA-based Vaccine work | 2YODOINDIA

DNA Covid Vaccine : Everything Which You Need to Know

Omicron variant has rapidly reach nearly every corner of the Earth, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 25th December 2021, announce that the nasal vaccination and the world’s first DNA vaccine against COVID-19 will be available for inoculation soon.

PM Said :

“Nasal vaccine and the world’s first DNA vaccine against COVID-19 will soon commence in India,”.

PM Modi also reassure Indians that the world’s first DNA vaccine against COVID-19 is still being studied and produce. 

The Indian government approve emergency use authorisation for Zydus Cadila’s DNA vaccine earlier this year, citing initial results from Phase III clinical trials that show approximately 66% efficacy for symptomatic cases.

The world’s first DNA vaccine for COVID-19

The ZyCoV-D, the world’s first plasmid DNA vaccine was produce by Ahmedabad-base vaccine manufacturer Zydus Cadila and got Emergency Use Approval (EUA) from the Drugs Controller General of India in August 2021. 

The DCGI has given its permission for the vaccination to be given to children aged 12 to 17.


Zydus Cadila has obtain an order from the Government of India to supply one crore doses of ZyCoV-D at a cost of Rs. 265 (approx.) each dose, with the needle-free applicator costing Rs. 93 (approx.) per dose, excluding GST, as per inputs from agencies.

Painless Vaccine

Instead of using regular syringes, the world’s first DNA vaccination will be administer using a needle-free applicator call as “PharmaJet.”

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The use of a needle-free applicator enables pain-free intradermal vaccine delivery, as well as a significant reduction in any major side effects.

Efficacy rate of the DNA Vaccine

In clinical trials, the vaccination was proven to be 66% effective against symptomatic COVID-19.

It demonstrates that DNA vaccinations work and can aid in the control of the pandemic.

At least a dozen DNA vaccines against COVID-19 are currently in clinical trials around the world, with at least as many more in the early phases of development.

Vaccines base on DNA are also being develop for a variety of other disorders.

What is a DNA-based Vaccine? | How does DNA-based Vaccine work?

DNA stores the memories of all biological activities, without exception.

It also contains hereditary or genetic information about how the body should react in the event of infection.

The DNA-base vaccinations operate by transferring a genetically modified blueprint of viral genes into small DNA molecules for injection into persons being vaccinated, as per the Milken Institute in the United States.

The ZyCoV-D was create by inserting a fragment of virus DNA into the human body, which, when inside, causes the virus to manufacture a crucial component that the immune system can recognise and so encounter.


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