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      Arc Browser is Available for Windows 11 Users | Details Inside

      Arc Browser is Available for Windows 11 Users after months in beta, The Arc Browser Company has finally launch the official version of Arc browser 1.0.1. Now you can download and use Arc directly without needing to join a waiting list.

      As Arc currently only supports Windows 11.

      Those on Windows 10 will need to wait a bit longer for their turn.

      There’s also good news for users with ARM-based Windows machines, as a native ARM64 version of Arc is plan for a future release.

      The Windows version of Arc leverages Apple’s Swift programming language, similar to the macOS version.

      This allows the browser to share some core code with its Mac counterpart.

      Arc has a unique interface with a sidebar that has features like tabs, library, easels & notes, spaces, boosts, and archived tabs.

      Arc Browser also has some innovative features like the ability to rename tabs, peek into links before opening them, and take notes within the browser.

      But, Arc also has some corns.

      Arc Browser has a steep learning curve due to its new design and reliance on keyboard shortcuts.

      It is a promising new browser with some innovative features, but some may argue that it is not ready for mass adoption yet.

      If you want to download Arc Browser then click HERE.

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