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      How to Set Up Amazon Passkey Feature as it Rolling Out on Web Browser and Mobile Apps | Step-by-Step Guide

      Amazon announce that it is rolling out passkey support on Web browsers and its mobile apps to help customers securely sign in to their Amazon accounts. As Amazon follows many other tech firms in bringing passkeys to its apps in recent times.

      WhatsApp, Google, and Microsoft Windows have all adds passkey support for their products this year.

      As Amazon now rolling out the feature, customers won’t have to use their unique passwords to access their accounts.

      Amazon announce that passkey support was now available for all Amazon customers using browsers to access the site.

      The security feature will begin rolling out soon for the Amazon app on iOS and will be added later to the shopping app on Android.

      As per the Amazon, customers can set up passkeys in Amazon settings and use the face or fingerprint recognition on their device, or the device PIN to access their Amazon accounts securely.

      Amazon confirm that account passwords were not going away, and passkeys will only serve as an alternative way for account authentication.

      How to Set up Passkeys on Amazon?

      Follow These Steps :

      • Go to the Amazon website on a Web browser or open the iOS Amazon app with the passkey update
      • Select Your Account,
      • Chose Login & Security
      • Select the Set up option next to Passkeys.
      • Now you can follow the instructions and add a passkey to their account, after which they can sign in on the support device using biometric authentication like face or fingerprint, or the device lockscreen PIN.

      Passkeys have recently become a popular, safe and quick alternative to password-based account authentication.

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      You don’t have to remember or write down a passkey and cannot be accidentally share or guess.

      As WhatsApp also roll out support for passkeys on Android devices.

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