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      iPhone 14 Pro Max is Among Top 10 Most Popular Smartphone in the World | Full List Inside

      The competition in the global smartphone market is in full song. Companies like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Oneplus and many more others are working around the globe to take the lead and attract more users.

      A report by Omdia has reveal that the Android, which consists of dozens of different manufacturers, has not successful against iOS.

      As iPhone 14 Pro Max is the most popular phone being ship around the world, and no one else is even close.

      Omdia release a report for the first half of 2023 that includes a list of the top 10 best-selling smartphones.

      As per the report, Apple is far ahead of its competitors.

      Apple sold a total of 79.5 million iPhones.

      Most of these sales came from the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which sold 26.5 million units.

      Next were the iPhone 14 Pro with 21 million, the iPhone 14 with 16.5 million, and the iPhone 13 with 15.5 million.

      Based on this report, we can say that Apple’s earnings are nearly $100 billion.

      In the fifth spot on the list, we see Samsung, making the landscape increasingly interesting.

      As Apple dominates the global smartphone market with its flagship models, Samsung has manage to place its Samsung Galaxy A14 in fifth place, selling 12.4 million units.

      This further highlights the gap between Android and iOS.

      As 12.4 million is not a number to be taken lightly, the low price point of this model means that Samsung’s profit margin is relatively low.

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      The only flagship Samsung manage to put on the list was the Samsung Galaxy S23 with 9.6 million.

      List of Top 10 Smartphones in the World

      RankModelShipments (millions)
      1iPhone 14 Pro Max26.5
      2iPhone 14 Pro21
      3iPhone 1416.5
      4iPhone 1315.5
      5Galaxy A1412.4
      6Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra9.6
      7Samsung Galaxy A14 5G9.0
      8Samsung Galaxy A54 5G8.8
      9Samsung Galaxy A34 5G7.6
      10iPhone 117.4

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