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      Raegr Magfix M1 Wireless PowerBank Launched in India

      Raegr Magfix M1 Wireless PowerBank Launched in India. The Raegr Magfix M1 is design for dynamic lifestyles and specifically for Apple iPhone users. Raegr Magfix M1 is compatible with iPhones and various smartphones with Apple’s MagSafe technology to deliver up to 10 Watts of Qi wireless charging.

      Ajesh George, Managing Director of RAEGR, during the product launch said :

      “Whether it’s handling payments, exchanging messages, engaging in chats or calls, or managing travel and entertainment, it’s undeniable that a smartphone serves as an indispensable companion on life’s journey. Regardless of whether you’re a business professional or a college-going individual, the significance of staying connected is universally recognized in today’s world. Whether connecting with friends and family or staying in touch with colleagues and clients, maintaining a charged smartphone is crucial, especially for those with a mobile and active lifestyle. At RAEGR, we understand the pivotal role this companion plays, and our M1 Powerbank emerges as the ideal companion for your daily endeavors. Tailored specifically for Apple iPhone users, the RAEGR M1 Powerbank boasts a compact and premium design, making it an essential power source for individuals leading busy lives,”.

      Price in India

      Raegr Magfix M1 Wireless PowerBank has introductory price of Rs 1,999.

      The price is expect to increase in the coming time.

      Raegr Magfix M1 Wireless PowerBank is available via Amazon and the Raegr Online Store.


      The Raegr Magfix M1 10000 mAh battery can charge the iPhone 15 approximately 2.5 times.

      Raegr Magfix M1 Wireless PowerBank has a PD port that offers up to 20W output and a USB-A port that offers up to 18W charging output.

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      The Raegr MagFix M1 Wireless PowerBank uses strong neodymium magnets to ensure a secure attachment, making it an ideal companion for individuals with dynamic, on-the-go lifestyles.

      Raegr Magfix M1 can charge various devices like iPods, iPads, smart watches, tablets, and other digital devices.

      Raegr Magfix M1 Wireless PowerBank also supports Samsung, Google, and other brands as a wireless charging pad.

      The BIS-certified product offers protection from overvoltage, overcurrent, overcharging, and overheating.

      Raegr Magfix M1 Wireless PowerBank can help you charge multiple devices on the go or be a companion for extend workdays.

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