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      Apple’s iOS 18 Set to Revolutionize Security with AI Safari Assistant, While Issuing Global Spyware Alert for iPhone Users

      In the ever-evolving landscape of digital security and technological innovation, Apple continues to make waves with its upcoming iOS 18 release. Promising to integrate advanced AI features, including a groundbreaking Safari Browsing Assistant and Encrypted Visual Search, iOS 18 aims to redefine user experience and privacy standards.

      But, amidst this anticipation, Apple’s recent cautionary alert to iPhone users in 92 countries about potential spyware attacks serves as a stark reminder of the persistent threats lurking in the digital realm.

      Let’s delve into the intricate balance between cutting-edge advancements and the imperative need for heightened vigilance in safeguarding personal data and devices.

      iOS 18 Tipped to Introduce AI Features Including Safari Browsing Assistant, Encrypted Visual Search

      iOS 18 is expect to be unveil at WWDC 2024 on 10th June 2024, months before Apple rolls out its next major software update to eligible iPhone models.

      As Apple is yet to offer any details related to iOS 18, analysis of backend code on Apple’s servers has reveal that the company could be working on two new AI features that could arrive with the upcoming update.

      These include an AI-power ‘browsing assistant’ for Safari that could bring Apple’s browser on par with competing applications.

      The Safari browsing assistant, that sounds similar to generative AI assistants that are capable of analysing and summarising web pages, like Copilot on Microsoft Edge, or Arc Browser.

      Also a feature spot is call as Encrypted visual search, which is already a feature offer by Spotlight.

      It is currently unclear whether iOS 18 will include a more advance and secure version of the Visual Look Up feature that can automatically identify plants, pet breeds, and landmarks in Camera Roll images.

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      Both these features will use an Oblivious HTTP gateway (a privacy protocol for forwarding encrypted HTTP messages) that will stop the company from identifying multiple requests as arriving from the same IP address.

      Also Apple would use its iCloud Private Relay feature, which requires a monthly subscription to iCloud+ or Apple One.

      Apple is yet to reveal details of these purported AI features expect to arrive on its upcoming operating system update for eligible iPhone models.

      The Apple is expect to unveil iOS 18 alongside macOS 15 and other operating system updates for various Apple products at WWDC 2024, which begins on 10th June 2024, and we can expect to learn more about these AI features during the WWDC keynote event in a couple of months.

      Apple Warns iPhone Users in 92 Countries of Potential Spyware Attacks

      Apple recently sent critical security alerts to users in 92 countries, warning them of potential mercenary spyware attacks targeting their devices.

      The notification reads:

      “Apple detected that you are being targeted by a mercenary spyware attack that is trying to remotely compromise the iPhone associated with your Apple ID.” 

      This indicates a deliberate attempt to gain unauthorize access to your phone’s data.

      Apple emphasizes the seriousness of these attacks, stating:

      “This attack is likely targeting you specifically because of who you are or what you do.” 

      Apple can’t disclose specific details to avoid aiding attackers, they have “high confidence” in this warning.

      This isn’t the first time Apple has issue such alerts.

      Since 2021, they’ve notified users in over 150 countries, including journalists and politicians in India in 2023.

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      But, the specific countries affect by this latest round of warnings haven’t reveal.

      Apple’s commitment to user security is evident in these proactive measures.

      If you receive such a notification, take it seriously and consider strengthening your iPhone’s security measures.

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