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      Do You Know the Longest Living Animals on Earth

      Human beings can live to very old age, but there are some birds, lizards, and sea-dwelling species that live just as long and, in some cases, a lot longer. Exactly how long can an animal survive it could be 100 years also.

      List of Longest Living Animals on Earth

      Ocean Quahog Clam

      A clam named Ming the Mollusk lived for 507 years.

      Ming was born in 1499, just seven years after Christopher Columbus arrive in North America, and was still alive in 2006 until researchers accidentally kill it opening its shell.

      These clams, which are native to the North Atlantic Ocean, have been record as living to 507 years of age.

      Greenland Shark

      Greenland sharks, which can be found in the Arctic Ocean, can live to 392 years of age.

      Aldabra Giant Tortoise

      The Aldabra giant tortoise has been recorded as living to 255 years of age.

      Bowhead Whale

      The bowhead whale is a neighbor of the Greenland shark, and is also found in the Arctic Ocean.

      They can live to 211 years.

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      Rougheye Rockfish

      The rougheye rockfish is one of many rockfish species that live for a very long time.

      Rougheye’s have been recorded as living to 205 years.

      Fin Whale

      These massive whales aren’t found wash up very often because they live to 200 years of age.

      Red Sea Urchin

      Their nasty spikes make red sea urchins a nightmare for predators, allowing them to live until 200 years of age.

      Radiated Tortoise

      Tu’i Malila, a radiated tortoise, lived until the age of 188, making it one of the oldest vertebrate species.

      Galapagos Tortoise

      These beautiful creatures, native to the Galápagos Islands, can live to be as old as 177 years of age.

      Lake Sturgeon

      These North American species of freshwater fish can live up to 152 years of age.


      Found off of the coast of New Zealand, the tuatara can live to 90 years of age.


      This aquatic little salamander, which weighs only 17 grams, lives up to 102 years of age.

      American Lobster

      The species are found on the Atlantic coast of North America and can live to 100

      Humpback Whale

      This whale can be found in all major oceans, weighs around 66,000 lbs (about 30,000 kgs), and lives until around 95 years of age.

      Killer Whale

      Killer whales live a few years less than the humpback.

      They live up to 90 years of age.

      They eat a wide range of species, including seals, sea lions, and whales.

      Atlantic Halibut

      This massive fish, which hovers at the bed of the ocean, can live to 90 years of age.

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      European Eel

      Found all over the European continent, these eels can live to 88.

      Yelloweye Rockfish

      Another rockfish species that lives a long time is the yelloweye, living up to 150.

      Pink Cockatoo

      The pink cockatoo isn’t just one of the prettiest birds around–it can also live a very long time.

      One was found living at 83 years of age.

      Andean Condor

      This massive species of vulture, with a wingspan of 10.8 feet (3.3 m), can live for 79 years.

      Gray Whale

      The very recognizable gray whale can live until 77 years of age.

      Sperm Whale

      Sperm whales can also live until 77 and can be found in all major ocean basins. 

      Orange Roughy

      These fish can be found off of the southern coast of Australia and live up to 140-150 years of age.

      American Alligator

      The American alligator lives up to 77 years of age and weighs around 330 lbs (150 kgs). 

      Sources: (24/7 Wall St.)

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