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      Fee Non-Payment Fallout: Google Targets 10 Indian App Developers with Action | Details Inside

      Google said it would enforce action against a group of Indian app developers as they had not complie with the Play Store’s billing policies. The Google claim that 10 Indian app developers, which include “many well-establish” companies, have fail to pay the Play Store fee for availing its services, and now may get remove from the Android app marketplace as a result of it.

      Google also highlight it was taking measures to not give differential treatment from the majority of its developer base who have paying their share.

      As per report, a group of Indian companies had file petitions to the Madras High Court challenging Google’s Play Store billing policies, arguing that the Google charges a very steep amount as a fee for its services.

      The crux of the issue lies in the fact that Google levies between 11% to 26% as a service fee per download of a paid app as well as on purchases made in-app.

      The group reportedly includes Bharat Matrimony,, Unacademy, Kuku FM, Info Edge, and many more.

      As the High Court dismiss the appeal, the Supreme Court of India agreed to hear pleas file by the firms, as per a report.

      The Supreme Court refuse to give any interim order to Google to not delist the companies’ apps from the Play Store.

      Later, the group of app developers wrote to Google requesting it to not delist the apps till 19th March 2024, when the Special Leave Petition (SPL) would be heard by the Supreme Court, as per report.

      But, it now appears that Google has decide not to listen to the pleas and instead begin taking action against the non-paying developers.

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      In a post, Google acknowledge the Supreme Court’s decision to not request the tech giant to keep the apps on the platform.

      As per Google post :

      “For years, no court or regulator has denied Google Play's right to charge for the value and services we provide. On 9th February 2024, the Supreme Court also refused to interfere with our right to do so. While some of the developers that were refused interim protection have started fairly participating in our business model and ecosystem, others choose to find ways to not do so.” 

      Also, post said that only 60 developers in India were charge a fee above 15%.

      As Google Android platform developer highlight that not taking action would be unfair to more than 2 lakh Indian developers who have complying with its billing policy.

      Google said :

      “After giving these developers more than three years to prepare, including three weeks after the Supreme Court's order, we are taking necessary steps to ensure our policies are applied consistently across the ecosystem, as we do for any form of policy violation globally,”.

      Google said that developers can resubmit their apps to be list on the Play Store by adhering to the payment policy, and likely clearing their dues.

      Or, a favourable decision by the Supreme Court after 19th March 2024 could result in Google being order to revise its billing policy.

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