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      Google Hangouts Removed From Google Play Store

      Google Hangouts, the discontinued messaging service that came in 2013 as a Google+ feature is being replace by Google Chat, the default messaging app for Google Workspace users. Considering that the transition to the new chat service is in its final phase, Google is removing the Hangouts mobile apps from the Google Play store and the App Store.

      Android users who have download the app in the past will still be able to view it in the list of apps they have install, but the app no longer shows up in search results for existing and new users.

      Hangouts app has delist from the Google Play store as well as Apple’s App Store, preventing new users from downloading the discontinue chat app on iOS and Android devices.

      As we know in November 2018, it was report that that Hangouts would be replace by Google Chat.

      Google began transitioning Workspace users from Hangouts to Meet in October 2020.

      Both the Google Play store and App Store listings for the Hangouts app are no longer accessible, but users who have download the app to their Android smartphones in the past will be able to view it in the Google Play store app by tapping on their profile photo, then selecting Manage apps and device > Manage > Not Installed.

      Functionality for the app does not appear to be restricted for the time being, so users who still have the Hangouts app on their iPhone and Android smartphones will likely be able to message contacts until access is disabled by Google.

      Google is already moving existing Workspace enterprise accounts using Hangouts to Chat, and free accounts are expect to follow suit.

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      Who have not yet download Google Chat on their smartphone or tablet have two options once the Hangouts app is disable use the Gmail app which comes with integrate Chat and Meet support, or download the dedicate Google Chat app on their devices.

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