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      Google Introduced Earthquake Alert System Support for Android in India | Details Inside

      After 2 years since Google introduce the Android Earthquake Alerts System globally but now available for manu countries and India is the new to join the Earthquake Alerts System.

      On many occasions, the system has remain useful and enable the users to reach safe spots before the earthquake actually hit the remaining parts.

      Google has partner with the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and the National Seismology Center (NSC) for the system to work in the country where high tectonic activity is observe across some parts every year.

      It is a important move that will help Android users to get prepare before the major jolts hit the Indian Peninsula or the areas adjacent to the Himalayas.

      Talking about the feature, Google said in a blogspot :

      “We’ve develop the Android Earthquake Alerts System, which uses sensors in Android smartphones to detect and estimate earthquakes. This is already deploy in many countries to provide people with an early warning when earthquake shaking begins.”

      There will be two different alerts depending on the severity of the Earthquake.

      The Earthquake which will have seismic activity of 3-4 magnitude, then will be categorize into “Be Aware” alerts.

      It will simply show an alert on your display but won’t ring if Do Not Disturb Mode or Silent is activated.

      The Earthquake have more than 4-5 magnitude will bypass the device’s system settings including Do Not Disturb, and will play loud noise.

      Some safety measures will also be part of the alert.

      How to Enable Earthquake Alert System?

      This feature will be available to all Android users running Android 5+ on their devices in the coming few weeks.

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      In order to benefit from the feature, user must have an active internet connection and location must be active on the device.

      The users should also activate the Android Earthquake Alerts toggle to get the notification.

      Follow These Steps :

      • Go to Settings
      • Then go to Safety & emergency Earthquake alerts.


      • Visit Settings
      • Go to Location
      • Then tap Advanced
      • Lastly Earthquake alerts.

      The alerts may reach the device many seconds earlier than the actual shaking.

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