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      Google Podcasts to Shut Down in April 2024 | Details Inside

      In September 2023, Google announce it would be shutting down its podcast app, Google Podcasts. Now, Google confirm the official date, April 2024. This update follows the inclusion of podcasts into YouTube back in 2022.

      To assist users with the transition, Google has launch a new migration tool.

      This tool allows users to easily transfer their existing podcast subscriptions from Google Podcasts to YouTube Music.

      As of now, the migration tool is only available for users in the United States but is expect to be roll out globally very soon.

      Google said that new migration tool will appear within the Google Podcasts app in the coming weeks which can be access via a banner at the top of the screen.

      While the Google Podcasts app itself will cease to function in April, US users can still listen to their podcasts within the app until March 2024.

      Also, both migration and subscription export will be available until July 2024, allowing ample time for everyone to make the transition.

      But, if you’re wary of Google’s history of shuttering podcast apps, a nod to the discontinue Google Listen and Google Play Music Podcasts, you have other option.

      You can export your subscriptions as an OPML file at until August 2024.

      Which allows you to import them into a different podcast app of your choice.

      These are all the important dates to remember for Google Podcasts shutdown :

      • March 2024 : Last month to listen to podcasts within the Google Podcasts app.
      • April 2024 : Google Podcasts app officially shuts down.
      • July 2024 : Deadline to migrate or export subscriptions.
      • August 2024 : Deadline to export subscriptions as an OPML file.
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      Google assures you that the new experience will be “a great podcast experience for all.

      As you also have the option to switch to another podcast platform if you prefer.

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