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    Sunday, February 25, 2024

      UPDATE : Notepad Gets a Character Count Feature on Windows | Details Inside

      Notepad, the text editor on Windows, has finally receive a update with a character count feature. This feature has been absent from the app since its inception. The new feature arrives in the latest Canary channel test build of Windows 11.

      It adds a character count display to the bottom left corner of the Notepad window.

      This is like a behavior of other text editors like Microsoft Word, offering a convenient way to track the length of your text. 

      By default, it displays the total number of characters in the entire document.

      But if you select a specific line, the application will show the character count for that section.

      The character count feature is one of many improvements Microsoft has made to Notepad in 2023.

      Recently, Microsoft add as an autosave option that automatically saves your work at regular intervals, eliminating the worry of losing progress. 

      Also, Microsoft adds tabs for managing multiple documents and a dark mode for comfortable nighttime use.

      And if you need to fidget, there’s even a virtual fidget spinner now.

      These changes make Notepad a more user-friendly experience overall.

      Windows 11 itself has receive some updates in the latest Canary channel build.

      You can now choose to display only widgets on the dedicate Widget page, hiding the feed of news and articles if they so desire.

      But it’s important to note that all these features are currently in beta testing and should be available to all users in future updates.

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