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      How Google Maps New Update Will Help You Plan Your Trips in A Better Way | Answer Inside

      With every update Google has change the way people navigate using their smartphones with the introduction of the Maps app, this new features to make intra and inter-city travel easier and more convenient.

      Nearby EV Chargers

      This new update is very important for electric car owners.

      Google Maps now provides detail insights about EV chargers, indicating compatibility, charging speed, and station availability.

      It also can show the last time that a charger might have use.

      This is particularly valuable for planning extend electric vehicle road journeys.

      After this update, Google also leverage its learnings from cars that feature Google built-in.

      Immersive View

      In May 2023, Google announce Immersive View for routes feature for its Maps app at its event.

      Using artificial intelligence (AI) technology that seamlessly blends multiple perspectives from Google Street View and aerial images, Google has unveil an immersive, real-world view of its maps.

      This new feature enables users to experience a live, on-the-ground perspective of their routes, complete with real-time information on traffic, weather, roadblocks, and many more.

      Detailed Map View

      Google Maps is set to provide a more comprehensive map view for enhance road navigation.

      This new feature includes more representations of buildings and roads to facilitate reaching your destination, as well as a more detail depiction of exits from expressways and highways.

      Google Lens

      Google has integrate its Lens feature into Maps with this update, simplifying the process of discovering new locations.

      This feature is power by AI and it enables users to uncover both well-known landmarks and hidden gems by simply using Lens.

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      This tool provides comprehensive details about a place before you decide to visit it, making it particularly valuable for travellers looking to explore new destinations.

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