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      How to Enable the ‘Protect IP Address in Calls’ Feature on WhatsApp | Step-by-Step Guide

      WhatsApp roll out a new ‘Protect IP address in calls’ feature that is design to enhance user privacy when making and receiving calls on the messaging service. You will be able to opt in for a new feature that will hide your IP address when making calls.

      WhatsApp will relay your calls via the company’s servers instead of directly connecting to the other party and revealing your IP address.

      As per WhatsApp, the new setting is optional and is gear at privacy-conscious users.

      Meta’s engineers explain the new feature in a post on the company’s engineering blog, stating that the new ‘Protect IP address in calls’ setting changes how calls between two users are connect on WhatsApp.

      Same as the most apps that offer calling features, WhatsApp offers peer-to-peer connectivity which means that both parties in the call can see each other’s IP addresses.

      While showing call participants’ IP addresses is require for peer-to-peer calls to work properly, these addresses are unique to each user and can reveal approximate location details about you with other details, such as your Internet service provider.

      These are details that some users might not want to share with unknown callers on the platform.

      In order to protect your IP address during calls, WhatsApp will relay all calls via the company’s servers instead of setting up a peer-to-peer connection, effectively masking your IP address and preserving your privacy.

      You will experience slightly reduce call quality as the calls are routed via a server instead of a direct connection, but WhatsApp said that these conversations will remain end-to-end encrypt so that only call participants can listen to them.

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      The engineers blog explain that the new feature to protect IP addresses in calls is aim at the messaging platform’s most privacy-conscious users, but the setting to enable it will be available to all users on iOS and Android.

      How to Enable the ‘Protect IP address in calls’ feature on WhatsApp?

      follow These Steps :

      1. Download the new version of WhatsApp via the App Store or Google Play store.
      2. Open the WhatsApp settings menu.
      3. Tap Privacy.
      4. Scroll down and now tap Advanced.
      5. Tap the Protect IP address in calls switch to enable the new privacy feature.

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