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How to Fix 'Google Photos not Uploading' | 2YODOINDIA

How to Fix ‘Google Photos not Uploading’

As your images are automatically upload to Google Photos when your Android or iOS device is in sync with your Google account. You may avoid wasting time on manual uploads while having all of your data back up.

All of the photos and videos will be there when you launch the Google Photos app on your phone, waiting for you to organise them.

But, occasionally a flaw causes the service to malfunction.

Your pictures won’t upload.

How to Fix Google Photos not Uploading?

Clear the Cache and App Data

The best solution for photos that won’t upload is to erase the app’s cache and data.

Update the App

Google Photos may need to be updated if your photos aren’t uploaded there anymore.

Check if there is Enough Space

There are two ways to store photos and movies in Google Photos.

The first option is to upload an almost infinite amount of low-resolution images and videos.

The alternative is to keep the images and movies in their original formats, but you risk exceeding the 15 GB restriction rapidly.

Make sure that the Backup Status and Enable Syncing

Your photos may not be uploaded because the Syncing option is not enable.

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Check the Size and Type of the Files

You cannot upload any images greater than 75 MB or 100 megapixels.

Likewise, for videos larger than 10GB.

Check if you are Online or not

You could notice that the backup is awaiting online if you check your backup settings.

That indicates a network disconnect has occurred.

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