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Interesting Facts and Theories About Dreams

We often say the statements like ‘dream big in life’ and ‘dreams are an escape from the harsh reality’, but how much do we really know about dreams? Most of us know very less about dreams, their implications, causes and many more.

The questions around dreams are something that have fascinated the scientific community as well as philosophers since forever and new theories regarding the same keep surfacing every now and then.

Facts about Dreams

Dreams Show Familiar Faces

Brain is not design to create new faces, especially when you are dreaming, which means that every face that you see in your dream is one that you have cross paths with in real life.

They may not include people that you are close with or meet regularly but may be of someone whom you have seen at any point of your life.

Many Dreams in One Night

On an average, you can have 4-7 dreams in one night, although you will in all probability remember only the last one.

How much of your dreams you remember depends on the individual sleep cycle.

Spicy Food may Give Nightmares

Some believe that if you have too much of spice just before going to bed, you may end up having nightmares in your sleep and are more likely to wake up in the middle of your sleep.

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Sensory Dreams

Those who are visually impair since birth have dreams that rely on senses other than sight.

So people who lost their sight later in life can have normal visual dreams.

Train to Rewrite Dreams

It’s believe that some nightmares occur when the brain is struggling to process stress or severe trauma.

A pioneering technique known as imagery therapy may be use to rewrite a bad dream’s script and shift its direction, and it does require a certain amount of training.


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