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      IPL 2024: Know All New Rules Changes For Season 17 of Indian Premier League | Details Inside

      Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 anticipation is at its peak. Chennai Super Kings will kick off their title defence in the tournament’s opening match against Royal Challengers Bangalore.

      The action-pack tournament will take place at MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai on 22nd March 2024.

      As IPL 2024 will also see a few new changes in the rules.

      Second Bouncer Rule

      Earlier in 2024, Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) implemented the second bouncer rule in the playing conditions of the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy (SMAT), an inter-state national T20 championship in the BCCI domestic calendar.

      Now, BCCI has decide to maintain this rule for the IPL as well.

      So, in an effort to foster a more balance contest between bat and ball, this season will see bowlers being permit to deliver two bouncers in an over.

      This marks a notable departure from previous seasons, wherein only one short ball was allow.

      Catch Review For Stumping Referrals

      BCCI will persist with the rule of checking for a catch when a referral is made for stumping.

      Unlike the International Cricket Council (ICC) regulations where stumping calls are solely review by the on-field umpire’s referral, this rule ensures fairness for the fielding side by examining the possibility of a catch before confirming a stumping decision.

      Teams will maintain their allowance of two referrals and will retain the ability to review wides and no balls, a rule introduced in 2023.

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      Smart Replay System

      IPL is poise to introduce the Smart Replay System this season, aiming to expedite and enhance the accuracy of reviews during matches.

      As per report, the IPL 2024 is set to implement the Smart Replay System, which will feature eight high-speed cameras from Hawk-Eye strategically position around the ground.

      Two operators from Hawk-Eye will collaborate with the TV umpire, providing them with real-time images to facilitate quicker and more accurate decision-making.

      This new setup eliminates the need for the TV broadcast director, who previously serve as an intermediary between the Hawk-Eye operators and the third umpire.

      With this Smart Replay System, the TV umpire will have access to a broader range of visuals, including split-screen images, compare to previous setups.

      Also, the Impact Player rule, introduce in 2023, will continue to be in effect.

      Stop Clock Rule

      There will be no implementation of the stop clock rule in the IPL, which contrasts with recent changes in ICC playing conditions where this rule has permanently adopt in white-ball international matches. 

      New Bowling Rule

      • IPL 2024 introduces a new bowling rule limiting bowlers to two fast short-pitch deliveries per over. A fast short-pitch delivery is define as a ball passing or likely to pass above the shoulder height of the striker at the popping crease.
      • Umpires at the bowler’s end will inform both the bowler and the batter on strike after each fast short-pitched delivery.
      • Also, any delivery passing above head height of the batter at the popping crease, preventing him from playing a normal cricket stroke, will be call as a wide.
      • A wide resulting from a fast short-pitch delivery will count as one of the two allowable deliveries in the over.
      • If a bowler exceeds the limit of two fast short-pitch deliveries in an over, the umpire will call and signal a No Ball on each occasion.
      • If deliver a third fast short-pitch delivery in an over, the umpire will caution the bowler and inform the other umpire, the captain of the fielding side, and the batter at the wicket.
      • A second instance of bowling more than one fast short-pitch delivery in an over will result in a final warning for the innings issued by the umpire.
      • Further violations by the same bowler in that innings will lead to immediate suspension from bowling, with the captain of the fielding side instruct to suspend the bowler.
      • The suspend bowler will not be allow to bowl again in that innings, and if applicable, the over will be complete by another bowler.
      • The umpire will inform the batter and the captain of the batting side, and may report the matter to the IPL Match Referee for appropriate action against the bowler.
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