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      Netflix to Start Restrictions on Account and Password Sharing in India and Gains 6 Million Subscribers | Details Inside

      Netflix has announce that it is bringing restrictions on account and password sharing to its user base in India from 20th July 2023 onwards. The streaming service, which has long viewed account and password sharing as a loss in potential revenue, took similar steps in its home market of the United States in the early part of 2023, before expanding the restrictions to over 100 countries in May.

      Users in India who are using Netflix accounts in different households will initially receive an email detailing the steps to be taken with regard to account usage.

      The announcement of the new restrictions came via Netflix early on 20th July 2023, specifically pertaining to the service’s India operations.

      As per the update, Netflix will initially send out emails to users who are using the same Netflix account outside of a single household, pointing out that a single account is meant to be used just one household.

      Users outside the household of the primary member will be ask to transfer their profile to a fresh account and subscription.

      In India, Netflix’s relatively free hand has allow users to use a single Netflix account across multiple households and users, this can help to potentially split the subscription fee across a group that may not be within the same household, such as a group of friends or relatives.

      These new restrictions will make usage for those users a lot more complicated to start with, and could eventually lead to more straightforward steps as well.

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      How will Netflix restrict account and password sharing?

      As per reports, the service will make it increasingly complicate for users outside the primary household to use a Netflix account.

      This involves the need to enter verifications codes for access for up to seven days, or connecting to a Wi-Fi network in their primary location at least once every 31 days.

      Netflix can be use when traveling, and the company seems to have the means to not create hassles for primary household users who might want to use their Netflix accounts away from home.

      The Netflix said that it verifies devices in a household by tracking IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity from devices signed into the Netflix account.

      And users in India are being ask to transfer existing profiles to new paid memberships entirely, Netflix roll out paid sharing in May across various regions as well, although there’s no word if any specific new options related to paid sharing will be available to users in India.

      Netflix subscription plans in India start at Rs. 149 per month for the Mobile plan which only works on portable devices, going up to Rs. 649 per month for the Premium plan which offers access to Ultra-HD content on up to four devices at a time across mobile, televisions, computers, and streaming devices.

      It’s worth pointing out here that accounts can have multiple user profiles on any plan, and restrictions are only on the amount of devices watching Netflix simultaneously.

      Netflix Gains 6 Million Subscribers Following Its Password-Sharing Crackdown

      Netflix said subscriptions to the media streaming service climb by gain 6 million in the wake of its crackdown on password sharing.

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      The Netflix finish the recently quarter with a total of 238 million subscribers and a profit of $1.5 billion (approx. Rs. 12,309 crore), according to an earnings release.

      The pickup in subscribers came as a potentially crippling writers and actors strike hits the US entertainment industry, but with analysts saying Netflix is better position than its rivals to weather the storm.

      Revenue came in lower than expectations with Netflix posting $8.2 billion (approx. Rs. 67,290 crore) in sales over the April to June period, pushing the Netflix’s shares down more than 8% in after hours trading on Wall Street.

      Netflix in May expand its crackdown on users sharing passwords with people beyond their immediate family as it seeks to shore up revenue after a rough patch last year.

      Earlier 2023 the Netflix complain that more than 100 million households were sharing accounts at the service.

      In its earning statement, Netflix said that the policy would expand to all its markets worldwide.

      To convert non-paying users, Netflix has introduce “borrower” or “shared” accounts, in which subscribers can add extra viewers for a higher price or transfer viewing profiles to new accounts.

      Netflix launch an ad-subsidise offering around the same time as the crackdown, and eliminate its lowest price ad-free plan that cost $10 (approx. Rs. 800) a month in the US.

      A Netflix ad-support subscription is available in the United States for $7 (approx. Rs. 600) monthly.

      The earnings report came as Netflix and other film and television makers see productions halt by an actors and writers strike in the United States.

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