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      New Delhi News : Satish Kaushik’s Manager Reveals Actor’s Last Words “Main Marna nahin chahta”

      Actor and director Satish Kaushik pass away at the age of 66, leaving everyone in shock. The actor was in New Delhi when he pass away and Anupam Kher took to social media to share this news. After complaining of feeling unseasy, the actor was being taken to the hospital at night, but he pass away on the way.

      His manager recently revealed his last words, what went by before his demise, and many more.

      Satish’s manager Santosh Rai revealed that during dinner time, he did not have any complaints of discomfort, however, it was at around midnight that he call him and complain of having difficulty in breathing.

      Satish Kaushik was rush to the hospital in Delhi, and his last words to him were :

      Santosh, main marna nahin chahta, mujhe bacha lo. Mujhe Vanshika ke liye jeena hai. Mujhe lagta hai main nahi bachunga. Shashi aur Vanshika ka khayyal rakhna.

      He also revealed calling Anupam Kher as he was inform to call him and Anil Kapoor in case anything ever happen.

      Santosh Rai Said :

      “I called Satishji’s brothers’ kids in Mumbai and told them everything. Their families reached Satish ji’s residence by 2:30 am. Apparently, they informed Satish ji’s wife. Also, I called Anupam Kher ji. Satish ji used to tell me if anything happens or anything is required for him, I should first call Anupam ji and Anil Kapoor ji. My call to Anupam ji went unanswered. Obviously, he must have been fast asleep. So, I informed his work-person and told him to inform Anupam ji anyhow. And, Anupam ji soon called back. Anupam ji and Boney Kapoor ji rushed to Satish ji’s residence and they were there in just few minutes. They stayed on till the next day. Both Anupam and Boney were very, very close to Satish ji.”

      Satish Kaushik Death : Woman claims her Husband Killed Actor Director for Rs 15cr

      In a latest development in the death case of noted Bollywood actor-director Satish Kaushik, a woman, who claims to be the wife of a Delhi-based businessman, has claim that her husband allegedly kill Satish Kaushik for Rs 15 crore which he took from the actor for investment purpose in Dubai.

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      The woman made the claim in a complaint she lodge with the Delhi Police Commissioner’s office, alleging that Satish Kaushik was demanding the money back which her husband didn’t want to repay.

      She alleged that Satish Kaushik was murder with some pills which were arrange by her husband.

      Earlier a senior police officer had said that they have recover some ‘medicines‘ from the farmhouse in Delhi where the 66-year-old actor had attend a party before his death, reportedly due to cardiac arrest.

      The woman claim that she got married to the businessman on 13th March, 2019, adding that she was introduce to Satish Kaushik by her husband and the late actor met them regularly in India and Dubai.

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