Ola S1 Pro Vs Simple One Vs Ather 450X | 2YoDo Detailed Review of Electric Scooters

There is huge buzz around for premium electric scooter segment in India recently with the launch of not one, but two all-new feature-loaded premium e-scooters. Ola Electric launch its flagship S1 Pro after which Simple Energy announced the ‘Simple One’

The Ather 450X has also been the king in this segment but after arrival of these two new scooters with some interesting features can give it some fight.

Ola S1 Pro Vs Simple One Vs Ather 450X


Ather 450X comes with a claim certified range of 116 km on a single full charge. The Ather claims a ‘true range’ of 85 km for the Ather 450X.

Ola S1 Pro claims a 181 km range on a single full charge which is almost double the range of the Ather 450X.

Simple One claims a maximum range of 236 km for its electric scooter making it the world’s longest-range electric scooter. The Simple Energy claims range drops down to 203 km in Eco mode.


Ather 450X has a battery capacity of 2.9 kWh which is lower than the Ola S1 Pro’s substantially bigger 3.97 kWh battery.

Simple One has the highest battery capacity at 4.8 kWh out of the three.

Charging Time

Ather 450X can be charge completely in 4 hours 45 minutes.

Ola S1 Pro being a higher capacity unit so it takes longer to get completely charged as it takes 6 hours 30 minutes.

Simple One is removable and can be charge through any regular 15A socket from 0 to 80% in 2.5 hours.

Fast Charging

Ather 450X can be charge at the rate of 1.5 km per minute at the company’s fast-charging network known as the Ather Grid. 

Ola Electric claims that the battery on the S1 Pro can be charge up to 50% in just 18 minutes and this should be good enough to deliver a range of 75 km. 

Simple Energy’s fast charger or the Simple Loop is capable of charging the battery of the scooter at the rate of an impressive 2.5 km per minute up to 80% charge.

Top Speed

Ather 450X is capable of achieving a top speed of 90 kmph.

Simple One can do a top speed of 105 kmph.

Ola S1 Pro has top speed at 115 kmph.


Ather 450X claims a 0 to 40 kmph acceleration time of just 3.3 seconds,

Ola S1 Pro is slightly quicker with a claim timing of 3 seconds.

Simple One claim 0 to 40 kmph time of just 2.95 seconds.


All three electric scooters come with fully coloured 7-inch TFT touchscreens.

All three come with 4G and Bluetooth connectivity to always stay connected on the go.

Music and call control along with graphical navigation support is also standard on all these scooters.

All three e-scooters can also tell you the nearest location of a fast charger for added convenience.

Simple One comes with TPMS or Tyre Pressure Monitoring System.

Ather Energy is planning to offer very soon with the 450X via one of the coming OTA updates.

TPMS is not present on the Ola S1 Pro.

Follow me Home or Guide me home lamps are present on Ather 450X and Ola S1 Pro but not on the Simple One.

Ola S1 Pro ultra-exclusive and stand out in this segment are cruise control, hill hold, brake pad wear sensor and also, voice assistant.

All three scooters get a reverse mode as standard.

Price in India

Ather 450X electric scooter price set at Rs 1.32 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi, after subsidies).

Simple One price set at Rs 1.10 lakh.

Ola S1 Pro price set at Rs 1.3 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi, after subsidies).

Note that the above figure is without state subsidies and one can expect to see the prices going down significantly in near future in selected states.


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